Feb 26

Bonding with Uniformity

John Rauschkolb by Michael Daly December 07, 2010

My recent postings have a common thread. They are art assignments of military people in uniform. This is my drawing of John Rauschkolb in his whites. Earlier I published my poster art of Bradley Manning in uniform. My next post will feature two military wedding artworks I did last week: -a fun news story illustration of a gay military couple in uniform and a traditional drawing of a wedding couple, the groom in uniform. This small art collection with theme was not designed but came together naturally.

I had the opportunity of drawing Rauschkolb’s portrait while he was in Honolulu attending the 69th anniversary of Pearl Harbor on December 07. This kind gentleman is 90 years old and a survivor of the 1941 Pearl Harbor. His loving niece, Robin Lamar commissioned the portrait. I also did a pastel drawing of her in colour.

As an artist/writer I’ve become interested in important matters about the uniform.

Uniforms and symbols have a significance of spirit that engender mass culture. This is no small thing. It can be the difference between respect, understanding, survival – and repressive crackdowns, violence, division and evolutionary breakdown.

I recall being outraged in the 90s when local police on Kaua`i island would make presentations at my daughters’ elementry school in Hanalei; they were wearing guns which generally ended up being an ogling feature of class attention. On complaint, I was told the gun was a “part of the uniform” and could not be left behind. It’s violations of the U.S. Uniform Code of Military Justice that the prosecutor is charging Bradley Manning with for allegedly disclosing classified documents to WikikLeaks.

Last week I was painting an illustration of a gay military wedding couple for the cover of Honolulu Weekly, February 23, 2011. I noticed I was making the camouflage shirt of the lesbian bride look like one those cute nursery uniforms. Something of a contrast in the military that would delight me.  No one would believe a cruel national dictator could amass a military arm with uniformed troops parading designs associated with love and care. Don’t underestimate the power of love and care. Here is an idea in support of giving peace a chance. Consider military uniform designs of hostility as being obscene to humanity, make treaties to abolish them everywhere and see our goals of global security advance. This is a new order of military conversion. And a way of retention, recruitment and so on for our global forces facing environmental threats. Like any fashion statement, the change will place traditional uniforms in their historic context (not a chapter to be proud of).

It has been gratifying for me to be able to represent with honour the faces of folk in uniform. In the cases of my local drawings I have come into good contact with service people who I don’t usually meet. I make sure to let my military subjects know I am a pacifist and that I believe most military personnel are victims of a deceitful and failed system. They may not agree or fully agree, but so far they respect my views; few can counter that institutions of weapons and war are rife with terrible human and economic waste.

Here I’d like to note that protection racquets such as false flags, where fear is purposefully manufactured, are an old evolutionary game of sexual prowess and control.

Martin Luther King Parade, Honolulu 2011. Arthur Defries, Michael Daly, Brihadi with Bradley Manning poster

Since my most informative college days in Melbourne their has been a definite gulf of isolation between people in uniform and myself. While being an art student I attended many street protests against U.S. and Australian military involvement in Vietnam. There were violent clashes with police . But now, after almost forty years, I see something of fundamental reconciliation happening. Keen jerk reaction to protesters is replaced with thoughts of something is “wrong, terribly wrong”.

When I was voluntarily painting my poster of Manning in his uniform I couldn’t help but notice how unusual -and refreshing!- it was to be directing my prized talent in the support of a military guy.  I immediately displayed this art poster publicly on the sidewalk of Waikiki and felt a long waited satisfying sense of inclusion with society. I offered the image to Manning’s support team. I used it to create a web animated art statement, and I proudly held the original high in the Martin Luther King Day Parade through Kalakaua Avenue with a team of Revolution Books and World Can’t Wait marchers.

The relationship between activists (often progressive, free-thinkers, artists, definitely outsiders) and enforcement (usually ruled, authoritarian, paid and socially embraced) has changed in the past weeks. We witness across-the-spectrum Egyptian revolutionists of huge numbers seemingly protected by the Army and definitely not provoked or attacked by them. This mostly peaceful revolution on the street is not what I’ve experienced in dealing with uniforms at large protest turnouts.

Also, today in Wisconsin, USA, the public service unions including police and firefighters (not even directly attacked by state union-busting) stand as one with long time activists and voices for truth in government, equal rights and democracy.

On February 25, 2011 with the backdrop of protest inside the state building, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! interviewed Mahlon Mitchell, president of the Wisconsin Professional Firefighters Association. The interview reflects a spirit of solidarity today between the uniform and tie-dye forces.

There is a letter from former Marine Corps captain, David MacMichael written to General James Amos, Pentagon Commandant of the Marine Corps posted at Manning’s website. MacMichael supports Manning. I now have another uniform I can admire!  With enthusiasm I write my appreciation in the blog’s comment section.

MacMichael refers to Manning’s unusual detention at Quantico, a Marine Corps installation, since Manning is Army enlisted.  He notes constitutional issues of long term detention without a court-martial and says: “I seriously doubt that the conditions of his confinement – solitary confinement, sleep interruption, denial of all but minimal physical exercise, etc. – are necessary, customary, or in accordance with law, US or international”.

MacMichael once commanded the headquarters company at Quantico where Manning is jailed. He himself was a “whistleblower” in the Iran-contra affair in the 1980s. He says: “At that time, I wondered why Lt. Col. Oliver North, who very clearly violated the UCMJ—and, in my opinion, disgraced our service—was not court-martialed”.

I’m asking why, if MacMichael received a salute for his duty as a public informant in the 80s why then is Manning being woefully singled out now?  Further, its strange that military justice is a different animal to civilian justice and diplomatic justice is different again.

Martin Luther King said Justice denied anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Justice is a universal concept of equal application so it must apply to humanity equally. Their is no justification for different law books. And, even as it is, under the Uniform Code of Military Justice Manning must have his rights restored immediately and a fair trial without delay to establish if any corrective action is required.

We can bond with such uniformity.

Feb 01

Bradley Manning – Poke the White House

Bradley Manning Poster, Truth Is, by Michael Daly Artist

"Truth Is.." poster image. This is one frame of an animated art piece by artist Michael Daly in support of truth in government and Bradley Manning

Original Flash art

I want people to support Bradley Manning and phone the White House on Thursday February 3, 2011. We asked President Bush to define torture, now ask President Obama to stop the torture of Bradley Manning immediately or outline his definition of torture.

National White House Call-in Day to Support Bradley Manning, Thurs February 3

Whatever you consider to be your most important cause in bringing forward a defined need for correction by government, a need for some justice or the need for sustainability the case of Bradley Manning is of primary concern for you.

Wherever obvious injustice, corruption, unlawful occupations, private corporate bulldozing and resource degradation is found (fed and entrenched sometimes over a century, such as Hawaiian occupation) the over-riding and core cause of injustice is the lack of truth and transparency in Government.

The apparent handover of classified information by U.S. Private First Class Bradley Manning to WikiLeaks internet journal made public the severity of a global culture of undemocratic process – which costs lives and incurs gross suffering throughout ground zero; planet Earth.

Q: If truth were immediately declassified, if governments were open and honest, how would my favourite cause be affected?
A: Unimaginably positive I believe, and for all the struggle and nonsense activists are confronted with, perhaps truth in Government would resolve many conflicts like a knife passing through soft butter.

But for harmless truth, Bradley Manning is now compounded in a U.S. military prison in Quantico, Virginia.  He is punished now for the eighth consecutive month by isolation and slow inhumane torture. Bradley has not been tried or convicted with anything.

We need to remind ourselves: the WikiLeak’s U.S. war and diplomatic evidence released is not so overwhelming for us to become blinded and nullified, but rather show the need to be centered, assured, outraged and bright. Comfortable people might consider that yes, the world is unfair and that living with bullies is a given, that they will have their day of justice in another life or something. But being how the dots on our local and universal matrix are linked, and now knowing the magnitude of government failure, like an unbelievably huge disaster, the need for change is absolutely paramount for survival. The authorities lie about everything including Climate Change putting a huge array of life at risk.

Support Bradley Manning until ONE: he is freed of jail, and TWO: if indeed he is the whistle, then support his highest regard in the U.S.A. and throughout humanity.

Thankfully the Egyptian youth and people get it!  Take note, they have dropped the daily treadmill of supporting despots and they are on THE STREET as I post this on the Day of the Million Man March.

Government movers and shakers the world over, especially U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton must be sharply awoken in the last few days of the Egyptian revolution; that The People always have the organic power and the means of CHANGE – when the people in the west choose to turn off Murdock media and meet on the street and the village square it defies and puts military expense in the waste basket.

The U.S. Government, Wall Street, and the global system is not too big too fail, it is too big to continue and ignore.

Hopefully the dots are joining for people. Now is the time to support Egyptians and billions of Earth’s citizens suffering under repressive local rule and Globalization – something for which imperial U.S.A. and war profiteers have developed through lies and cover-ups, as if the people are non-participants in their crazy notion of democracy.

Phone the White House and give the Administration that unsettling wake up call that President Mubarak is experiencing today as he hides so low.

Michael Daly

The Whitehouse needs a poke on Thursday:
Phone White House Switchboard: 9am to 5pm EST: Phone 202-456-1414
After hours: the White House comments line: Phone 202-456-1111

Jan 27

New Year`s Post Card II

Turtle at Waikiki illustration by Michael Daly, ArtistThis chap was swimming around with me out there in the fresh waters of Waikiki. I was taken by the arrival of Mr. Fat the Monk Seal on New Year’s Day. That was most unusual. So to meet Mr Sea Turtle in virtually the same location around the same time was a heartening delight.

Jan 01

New Year’s Postcard from Waikiki – Free Speech 2011

Happy New Year Postcard shows Diamond Head and a Monk Seal on Waikiki Beach

This Monk Seal was on the beach in Waikiki with tourists on January 01. This may be a good omen for endangered spices for 2011. The sign says: "I am a Hawaiian Monk Seal. I am totally fine. I am just relaxing and getting some sun!"

Dear Friends,

I wish you a Happy New Year and ask that you support free speech and independent artists in 2011. I want to outline the importance of free speech in this message and affirm that that resource is the basic universe of interchange for artists and indeed everyone – conversation, communication, intimacy and sanity.

The main issue that faces me at the start of this year is not a national one. It is not Hawaiian independence (which represents a shift for me in twenty years). It isn’t even one or all humanitarian or environmental issue/s. I don’t intend to diminish the monumental concerns and my continued support of all these important challenges, but rather, the main issue as I see it, goes to the root cause of these problems. It addresses a paralyzing cause for lack of smart growth and development on a global human scale, why we are stuck in a cave man mentality when an evolutionary surge is needed for survival, and why “Change you can believe in” turns out to be “Same you can deceive in“.

The main issue of 2011 is to assert the supremacy of truth at the expense of violence, racism and short lived embarrassment, amongst other things.

I believe a community can advance truth through free speech and equal access to independent publishing/cablecasting and self publishing such as the internet. As critical as I am of the USA, I am in awe of the US First Amendment establishing free speech. I am in awe of Public Access Media Centers throughout the United States. This makes the USA great in my book. But despite universal rights to the inalienable resources of free speech (not exclusive to USA) these rights are inexplicably being eroded. And people’s lives are being snuffed out in permanent wars or at risk in jails because of bad decisions culminated in reaction to the September 11 tragedies. And all the while the disparity between the numbered rich and the mass poor grows.

The strangle hold of free flowing information together with “official” covert government communications enables apocalyptic global directives by over powerful and non-authorized people and organizations. The contraction of free communication has a direct correlation to global and biological destruction, made even sadder when you believe that otherwise, our capacity to reach unimaginable accomplishments here on Earth is deliberately suffocated. We haven’t even tried true government. It’s blocked by a smaller narrower paranoid mind. Children by now, the world over should be in a bright place with a bright future. But none are – not even those born into high wealth.

Free speech exercises and opens up one’s mind. It declares dignity of self in the well being of others and keeps the spirit, mind and body wholesome.

Truth is a kind of nakedness that we must not be ashamed of. And now let me use the analogy in an opposite kind of way. Just as the global custom of wearing clothes has become adopted and even made revolutionary the world over through deliberate human intervention, so too truth can become such a normality – and exemplified by transparent authorities. When truth reaches a certain threshold, a lie will not be publicly accepted and be easily identified as the naked one. When truth has momentum of this sort, prejudice and ignorance dissolve into a slipstream of accepted acceleration and cultural and engineering models designed for fluid sustainable change.

At the risk of being religious, a matter which would immediately separate my thoughtfulness from the state, I say that free speech is the Holy Grail of any constitution. Free speech may be mostly bulk, shity and smelly sometimes, but nevertheless it constitutes the fertilized soil that grows the tree of truth, provides a strong future of non-armed security and, with urgency, evolutionary continuance.

I am concerned for Bradley Manning and Julian Assange as this goes to blog. Locally, I feel attacked as my income is relegated to street handouts and even there, my position as a portrait artist may end in the coming months because the city plans to close the Waikiki sidewalk off to performers and free voices.

A government impairing Public Forum, impairing student curriculum, conspiring with big media and big business, advancing secrecy and non-neutrality of the people’s communications property such as the internet – a government that professes and promises transparency but does anything but, and incarcerates people without charge – this is a government not worth entertaining.

The way, the truth, the life. Maybe separation of church and state should be replaced with fair-inclusion of all faiths.

As an artist I want to work for free speech in 2011 yet I say: this won’t be effective without people’s support. Just hearing me out is one way, you can make a donation to The Lovelink Project or commission or buy an artwork of mine by contacting me through my website: MichaelDalyArtist.com.

With aloha

Dec 10

Palace Mockery

Governor Neil Abercrombie, Kalakaua and Liliuokalani-blog-DalySpace

King Kalakaua, Queen Lili`uokalani, Governor Neil Abercrombie and wife Dr. Nancie Caraway at the inauguation at `Iolani Palace, Honolulu, December 6, 2010.

HONOLULU The State of Hawaii, Governor Neil Abercrombie and Lieutenant Governor Brian Schatz, ventured onto kapu (forbidden) territory on Day One of their office. They were inaugurated in the likeness of Ali`i, (Hawaiian royalty) at a ceremony at `Iolani Palace. The palace property contains sacred heiau sites of kanaka maoli and an iwi burial ground. The palace was the site of the disgraceful overthrow in 1893 and imprisonment of Queen Lili`uokalani (pictured).

Hawaiian independence members protested the event at the palace gates after appeals to relocate the function elsewhere failed last week.

The palace grounds are sensitive politically and culturally. Last year the 50th Anniversary of Statehood celebrations by the State of Hawaii abandoned plans to use `Iolani Palace for any of it’s programme. Originally their were plans to reenact 1959 ceremonies at the palace which were held on the palace front grounds.

But this measure of respect for the Monarch, native Hawaiians and the sacred site of the palace were overturned this week by freshmen Abercrombie and Schatz. The issue implicates the state’s department of Hawaiian affairs ‘Office of Hawaiian Affairs’. Abercrombie (pictured) replaced Governor Linda Lingle and was inaugurated on Monday December 6 at noon in the royal Coronation Stand. This rotunda was build on the palace grounds by King Kalakaua (pictured) who was menaced by white conspirators loyal to the USA, and whose sister and successor to the thrown, Queen Lili`uokalani, was eventually to fall pray to. She was ousted by the rebels which lead to the unlawful occupation of Hawai`i by the US. The inauguration appeared to be a throwback to a racist colonial era when Sanford Dole used the palace for his various investitures after he and Lorrin Thurston removed the Queen.

Abercrombie will also island hop throughout Hawai`i to celebrate his inauguration. It is abrasive that the occupational administration of Hawai`i now uses, for there own ends, the very intellectual format laid out by King Kalakaua, King Kamehameha and Hawaiian ali`i.

This is akin to the new show called ‘Hā’ heavily promoted and presented at the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu. The word hā refers to the spiritual breath of the Hawaiian culture. Hā teachings were savagely outlawed by Christian missionaries. PCC is a Mecca tourist attraction in Hawai`i and owned by the Mormon Church. The church has oppressed hā and native cultural ways for a century, for their part, in the profitable control of Hawai`i. Now that the owners feel the native people are nailed, assimilated and submissive, it seems new profit can be assured by having native Polynesians act out in showtime, the religious practices that their fore parents were severed from.

Office of Hawaiian Affairs - Letter to Statehood Commission, 2008

In a way surprising, and then again not, hundreds attended the state inauguration including the Chair of the department of Hawaiian affairs, Ms. Haunani Apoliona. It was this department, so-called ‘Office of Hawaiian Affairs’, together with Hawaiian independence groups that vehemently objected to state functions being held at the palace last year for statehood. (see the letter inserted above) Apoliona chose to side step her official position in the Order of Procession as it approached the crowed aisle of salute.

So what has changed that OHA now officially endorses Abercrombie’s inauguration?

Outside, at the front palace gates supporters of the last Hawaiian monarch, Queen Lili`uokalani, protested Abercrombie’s inauguration, calling the event a desecration. Protest spokesperson and independence leader Leon Sui said “The Ku’e (protest) action was fantastic”. He said guests greeted protesters with encouragement but noted: “OHA trustees, were apparently not amused and kept their gaze strictly forward as they walked past us toward their Kapiolani Blvd. offices. You could feel their utter disdain for us from 20 feet away”.

Hawaiian Protest and Hawaiian Participation at inauguation of Governor Neil Abercrombie at ~Iolani Palace, 2010

Hawaiian Protest and Hawaiian Participation at inauguation of Governor Neil Abercrombie at `Iolani Palace.

My experience in approaching the majority of the guests was similar. I handed out an information flyer “Iolani Palace, History of Ceremony” to guests. They were eager to have an account other than the narrative provided by the state. One could not help but notice everyone found the palace programme less than comfortable and had unanswered questions about such inappropriateness and which the media ignored prior to.

It is a sad day when Hawaiians who love their country are split in this way by the European guard who remain deceitful, colonialist and racist to this day in perpetuating their forebear’s crimes.

The state must prove the colour of RECONCILIATION prior to being adored in some royal command. The USA Apology Resolution, Public Law 103-150 stipulates reconciliation but since 1993 when the law was passed no reconciliation facility has been attempted. On the contrary, the Lingle Administration attempted to, once and for all, take the Hawaiian Crown Lands known as ceded lands. The foot pressed on `Iolani Palace and Crown Lands is pre-emptive and yet another international trespass.

The Hawaiian protestors outside the palace are loyal to their political and cultural process and the Hawaiians inside can do all they may to cling to the threads of tradition surrounding the palace and their damaged monarch, even as it is now done quietly in servitude of the very monarch’s enemy.

Long live Queen Lili`uokalani. Act on understanding and International and Hawaiian Law. ——– Link (more photos): www.killstatehood.com EDUCATION | ACTION | NONVIOLENCE

Dec 03

Déjà vu at `Iolani Palace, Honolulu


Sanford B. Dole was sworn in, June 14, 1900, as the first territorial governor on the steps of ʻIolani Palace as American businessmen and plantation owners lauded victory against the monarchy.Reference: Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Territory_of_Hawaii

Many people have protested the State of Hawaii’s use of ‘Iolani Palace in downtown Honolulu as the site for the swearing in of Neil Abercrombie as the next Governor. It will be on Mon Dec, 6 (details below).

I was told by his office today that the event would go ahead as scheduled. Palace decorations and invitation were set. Abercrombie has ignored the warnings. This is the opening blunder, Day One, of the incoming Administration of the US occupation in Hawaii.

I sent a protest to Abercrombie through http://newdayhawaii.org
I wrote:

It is insulting to hold a [Hawaiian] state government ceremony at ‘Iolani Palace.

I call for Neil Abercrombie to desist in making his first official act as the new Governor of state to be that of being sworn in at `Iolani Palace.

This is a sacred site of Kanaka Maoli and the historic national site of war and takeover of the Hawaiian Monarchy since the coup and US invasion of 1893. Abercrombie is being woefully provocative. He is contemptuous of even US domestic law. The US Apology Resolution of 1993 outlines the historic wrongs of the USA, the suffering and oppression done to Native Hawaiians and calls for reconciliation. Until reconciliation occurs the state should not feel free to use the palace.

Under Governor Lingle, `Iolani Palace was not used last year for the 50th Anniversary of Statehood in reenacting and celebrating official events in 1959 which were held on the palace steps. Instead events were held in the state Capitol Building.

Using the palace on this coming Monday, sets the stage of the new Governor as being an Administration blatantly hostile and opposed to reconciliation or simply acting without an awareness of fair process and respect. In any case it is going to be a throw back to the worst of colonial days”.

Michael Daly

Inauguration of Neil Abercrombie and Brian Schatz
`Iolani Palace on Monday, December 6, at 12 noon.

Dec 03

‘Iolani Palace, ceremonial history


Annexation ceremony in 1898 Reference: Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iolani_Palace

The unlawful and contentious State of Hawaii has chosen to swear-in it’s next head of State, Governor (apparent) Neil Abercrombie at `Iolani Palace on Monday. The use of the palace is profoundly significant and goes well beyond state government political opportunism being that the palace grounds are an ancient sacred site of native Hawaiians and a burial ground of ali`i rulers and ohana.

Politically, `Iolani Place has always been a site of pomp and grandeur, imbuing a sense of authority, and Abercrombie now follows a long history of this ~ however hypocritical, wrong and debasing it has become since the overthrow in 1893.

The palace is proof of a native people’s ability and willingness to raise a sophisticated government of European envy and one recognized by world nations in the 1800s. It was built by King Kalakaua and on completion the Pavilion and grounds were used for the Coronation of King Kalakaua and Queen Kapi`olani in 1883.

Yet a handful of racist commercialist, the sons of Christian missionaries, overpowered the Kingdom of Hawai`i with support of a US naval invasion on January 16, 1893 ~ in violation of International Law. The white rebels of private sugar plantation interests, convinced of their self righteousness in taking the palace were driven in part by what they saw as gross financial waste associated with the use of the palace for grand public ceremonies such as the coronation of King Kalakaua.

So advanced and connected was King Kalakaua the palace had electricity and telephones before the White House. Go http://www.iolanipalace.org/index.php/museum-information/palace-building.html

The palace was the main target of the invasion and Queen Lili’uokalani was abducted and ousted on January 17, 1893.

`Iolani Place became the immediate headquarters of the rebel government; the self proclaimed Republic of Hawaii. Queen Lili`uokalani was held in house arrest in one of the second floor palace bedrooms by the cabal during the period needed to establish there foothold.

By 1897 the cabal, also known as annexationists had successfully conspired with US government officials in Washington DC to have the territory annexed to the USA in the face of a totality of Hawaiian protest and many US domestic concerns. The palace was then used as headquarters for the Territory of Hawaii, later becoming the main assembly site of Statehood mass frenzy in 1959.

The palace was ignored and came into disrepair when the state moved to the new Capitol Building in 1969. This happened during the term of the second Hawaiian Governor, John Burns.

The Capitol stands between the palace and “Washington Place” on Beretania Street, the former home of Lili`uokalani, and now part of the residential grounds of the state governor.

The palace has been restored and is administrated by ‘Friends of `Iolani Palace’ under a lease from the State of Hawaii. The visitor film presented by ‘Friends of `Iolani Palace’ who run guided tours states in the beginning that this is “the only palace on American soil”.

In 2009 in response to public condemnation and demands by Office of Hawaiian Affairs, plans to reenact Statehood ceremonies at the palace were scrapped by the 50th Anniversary of Statehood Commission.

`Iolani Palace is the single most important cultural and political gathering place in Hawai`i for descendants of Kingdom subjects and international supporters. In recent years Hawaiian groups, loyal to the Monarch, have attempted to assert there rights to `Iolani Palace. In 2009 the state passed legislation prohibiting public forum on the property without a permit.

Print PDF Flyer Version of this post:
Flyer- A History of Ceremonies at `Iolanli Palcce


Inauguration of Neil Abercrombie and Brian Schatz
`Iolani Palace on Monday, December 6, at 12 noon.

Nov 28

Romanus Pontifex to Globalization

Romanus Pontifex refers to the Papal Bulls issued for immediate benefit to King Alfonso V of Portugal in 1455 which declared war against all non-Christians throughout the world. 2010 represents the 555th anniversary. Non-European indigenous peoples, including Australian Aboriginals have asked for reconciliation but the Vatican cannot bring itself to dismantle the legal documents to this day. Cover graphics by Michael Daly, please distribute.


If the Irish themselves were not so jolly and had the kind of honour that has had them victimised throughout history I’d hardly have any pride at all in my Caucasian heritage. I was born in Australia of Irish decent for Roman fodder; a large “C” Catholic. (l am a small “c” catholic, refer to your dictionary).

My residence now revolves around an unknown mission in an unidentified frontline in the Pacific – Hawai`i.  This is where colonial England eastbound collides with colonial England westbound.

My topic is sparked in part by news that EU citizens are demanding democracy!

Petition:  http://www.avaaz.org/en/eu_citizens_initiative/?rc=fb

Here is the first section of this much longer writing – perhaps it’s a book to be laid out in chapters.  This first part mostly deals with environment but I start with my home Hawai`i. This is my first real post but does not represent things to come.  I use English spelling such as “globalisation”. USA spelling occurs for special titles and references such as”Globalization”.

Glossary: CWE Caucasian white European


Well this is a global worry isn’t it around US Thanksgiving Day? Democracy in Europe is at risk (or never really has been) and citizens are calling for people power. Europeans ride on the back of the brave New World frontiersmen, the world police dogs that the US is expected to be. It is whined about everywhere, including the USA.

A glance at the USA reveals that of a superpower, a nation run by entities other than its people, and a violent military empire occupying, scrambling and controlling a host of foreign countries in contempt of International Law and human regard.

In Hawai`i Thanksgiving rolls into Independence Day, November 28. So with that in mind today it is fitting to start with my home environment which is by any means significant; its the Hawaiian factor in colonialism and Globalization.

Europe uses the USA to protect their wealth and politeness despite the separation from England in 1776 and the distaste that must have caused at the time. The USA is still the Christian son. There are lots of clues as to the British and European hand in the glove of the US government. One striking event of interest is the Hawaiian overthrow and annexation in 1893 and 1897 respectfully.

European nations could have pulled USA superpower imperial diversions up before they took hold under the direction of President William McKinley. The taking of Panama and Hawai`i was during his Office.  In the case of Hawai`i, between 1893 and 1897 the nation was menaced in the most blatant and pathetic of puerile ways by a small band of local missionary sons.  They were lead by Lorirn A. Thurston.

They were white, young, land hungry commercialist pirate-types on the isolated high seas, racist and emanating from a small town called Kenebec near Boston. They were founding fathers of the USA Republican Party or associated with them (ref The Nation Within by Tom Coffman). They had rifles, hatred, lust for profit, self righteousness and no sense of law, so they just took the Monarch and `Iolani Place like an animal alpha takes a female. And this is the savage example at play today in the world theatre where the parents (in this case Britain/Europe) don’t have the will to take away the keys nor the whiskey from a rampaging adolescent son at the wheel.

The Hawaiian coup d’état was aided by the US Navy – so today, as such crime goes uncorrected and becomes systemic, President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras, for instance, is abducted in his pajamas at midnight using the Hawai`i coup template.

This year the US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton makes gobbledegook media statements regarding the incapacity of the US to officiate justice and bring the lawful president home to the Honduras people – the unspoken is this: the practical conflict of dirty interest, the US army schools in South America teach and abet ‘Overthrow 101′ for the benefit of selected rightwing business families having been identified as noble looking oligarchical material.

Thurston types. Thurston and his family ran Hawai`i through his daily newspaper The Honolulu Advertiser until 1993, the year President Clinton signed the Apology Law 103-150 to “Native Hawaiians” -not the Monarchy making race an issue when it is not.

Actually the original rebels and new republic in Hawai`i were always weak and terribly vulnerable. This off-the-continent assault was new to the USA back then in the day, and rather than having a Hillary Clinton type response on foreign affairs, the official word in 1893 to Thurston from President Cleveland was that the USA recognises International Law, the rebels are in violation, so reinstate the Monarch immediately.

When McKinley became President shortly after he ignored all this, befriended Thurston, and constructed a house of cards, not even legal domestically, called the Newlands Resolution which pretends to annex Hawai’i as a Territory – that, since 1897 with the fake state, US Statehood of 1959 being added cards balanced on top.

Queen Lili`uokalani later placed under house arrest had been protesting the US invasion and calling for the world’s nations (but a handful at that time) to support her and the nation: the rainbow multicultural composition of the Kingdom of Hawai`i.

Instead her friendly counterpart in England, Queen Victoria, like most of the others, Japan being an exception, did not act. To its credit Japan official supported the Queen. Since then Hawai`i has become the cornerstone military state of illegal occupation in the Pacific – still awaiting justice and still now Europe ignores this very crux preventing global law and sustainability.

It’s clear to me that Caucasian white Europeans, CWEs, share in having a lot to be thankful for in developing/taking/destroying North America, that is, except the karma.  The CWE is generally Christian and don’t believe in karma.

Nevertheless karma is under the Thanksgiving table growing like a Wall Street bubble. Christian churches, underwriting European world colonies, have no acknowledgment of karma taught in Buddhism and Hinduism.  Rather Christians plunder in the name of forgiveness and condolences.

This sums up the predicament of the world today as life on the planet faces human induced climate change – another ice age.  People blame the motorcar and fossil fuel economy which is right but that doesn’t go to the source cause does it? And if the source is not dealt with no wonder governments and people go around in circles while they know the Earth is burning.

And why hasn’t renewable energy been developed in full? I note that the first Earth Day was back in 1970 before many adults today were born. The link between Christianity, CWEs, the occupation of Iraq, and climate change is becoming clear.

Human induced is the term I’ve heard climate change called and proved scientifically.  Scientifically you might as well call it an animal induced since humans belong in the animal kingdom. I know Christians have trouble accepting that structure of nature; understandably so, anything that joins the dots may mean facing karma, bad karma.

You would never think to blame Earth’s environmental terror on the animal dwellers especially as so many of them are victims placed on the endangered spices list, directly as a result of the modern ecological and environmental breakdown. That would make them suicidal, a trait usually not found in the “lesser” species.

But probably what’s not coincidental is that suicide is an accelerating human epidemic increasing as insecurity about the Earth’s future hit home and mass awareness takes place. The realization hits youth facing the future harder than old corrupted dogs passing it on. This would also explain why youth suicide is on the rise when only decades past the few people who died from suicide were mostly much older.

When you look at depression within the educated global sectors and the anti-depression drug market the picture is likewise shocking if not worse.

But, back to the point I was originally trying to make. It is not fair to call climate change “human-induced” because that includes all when only certain humans have been (and for so very long), and still are, busy inducing. And not only that, inducing others to induce.

Not all humans are to blame. Ah, back to Europeans. Most humans, specifically non-CWEs have been self-sufficient and tribal, off the toxic grid so to speak, while on the other hand, CWEs have been the gross carbon producers.  The later go back to the industrial age – something only possible through colonization and exploitation of the world’s natural and human resources.

Of the CWE inducers, it could be argued, most have been forced into the fold by a handful of business moguls laying out the system for them – the European common seduced and corralled, comfortably so and with racist composition – the rest of the world defending paddle and spear, people trying politely to please visiting missionaries who call them native savages and who play there part in genocide.

It is only in my life that things have become less colour/race specific.  But I fear only to the degree that suits the corporate media agenda in confusing real and dangerous issues. For instance it suits the west nicely that China is the world’s worst carbon emitter and seems intent on increasing that.  With time, as far as the west is concerned, this shifts a goodly portion of carbon footprint responsibility eastward.

I visited China in the mid 80’s and amid the bicycles and buses crowding Beijing roads only a few cars could be seen. Five things must be said: 1) Chinese humans have only been inducing climate change recently while the west has been polluting heavily for a century 2) China produces consumer goods mostly for Wal-Mart, the USA and other developed countries that want and afford stuff (Wal-Mart has special mention because it is the biggest buyer and it’s budget is bigger than many countries).  3) Per head of population China is way behind the USA and developed countries as being a big carbon emitter (the child born in the USA has a much bigger carbon footprint than the child born in China). 4) Chinese workers toil for overseas consumers without seeing a comparable rise in living standards and social services at home, making the case that their involvement in climate change has more to do with foreign motives than across-the-board local benefits. 5) Consumerism and capitalism are not traditional Chinese values (the west is a parent model and influential stakeholder).

Al Gore is rightly concerned with the inconvenient truth of the environment. So am I. I am also worried about the convenient truths.  Corporatists are probably thinking how convenient it is for them to rip apart forests and villages, force development, industrialization and a smear of democracy north, south, east and west.  It muddies perception and the conversation. Over a generation, they assume, kids in Nicaragua, Iraq and so on will accept the guilt for pollution and land degradation. How convenient to profit from their destruction, move pollution blame to the south and use the money to manicure the home estate. The imperial regions can move to service and military “security” economies called the New West becoming relatively clean and healthy…

… civilized so to speak.

Civilization! That is another significant European trait worth examination in the face of global collapse. Civilization, I fear depends more on European values of appearances, vanity, prejudice and the distinct contrast between haves and have-nots more than it does with human values of justice, social advancement, intelligent application of resources and sustainability.

Poverty remains.

In the projection of continued capitalism or even just European style civilization poverty is an inherent quality or should I say anti-quality. But this is checkmate time, and the environment is demanding a whole new projection.

The way of CWEs, the corporate assets and dividends for shareholders and consumer expansion is terribly blessed! For you see, convenience falls repeatedly in thy lap the flock believes.  Wealth, even national wealth, is the reinforcing sign of being aligned with God the Father in His holy favour and Christ’s good teachings.

But where Earthly things are too obviously the loot of thou wretched sin, then never mind that too: forgiveness kicks in on Judgment Day. Christ died for all sin, and hell is short-circuited provided one says “in the name of Jesus Christ” a lot, out loud, preferably in front of a lot of witnesses and shows up at church to be sure.

For Christian/missionary/corporate colonialists of old Europe, and there general descendants who linger in world events today, the gross disparity of wealth is simply the inevitable way of God’s thanks to some (used to be just whites) and punishment to others (used to be just non-whites). That’s why “God bless America” applies to USA but not Mexico or Chile.

President Bush’s worldwide war on terror which looks more like a modern fundamentalist Christian war mostly against Muslims but also the rest of the world (in Romanus Pontifix quarter) conveniently targeted the oil rich prize of Iraq in 2003 – and continuing on forever, conveniently likely. The permanent occupation of Iraq now commanded by a black US president installed by great popular support says nothing of his pledge for change, democracy, nor the will of the people but speaks of corruption and fear within the Oval Office.

I will not waste words: climate change is actually the quintessential crime of abuse of life on Earth. It is the crime of terrorizing the future.  Climate abuse is a crime on a scale unknown anywhere anytime. In fact the sheer proportion of this crime is so pervasive as to be almost undetectable. It has become a single global culture and everyone’s immediate way of survival. It is almost as undetectable as ocean water is to the fish immersed within.

But the system of inducing climate change has been forced and continues to be forced by a private few onto the vast body of Earth’s humanity living and dead.

With that in mind let’s be careful as to whom we name the mob. Let us not say that climate change is human induced and let us be specific in the same way we would not accept it as “animal induced”.

Climate change and the current exacerbation of climate change is corruption of Biblical magnitude.  Roman Christians are deadly self-righteous and at the same time, wholly ignorant in developing a self-fulfilling prophecy written by John in another era to bring some social evolution.

If nothing else, and for the duration, Christians will pride themselves with superiority as there Armageddon wipes out there families and the countless generations of non-subscribing participants of innocent life on Earth. But for the scale of sheer terror and the associated shock of truth no such pride will ever take place.

And Christians might take care that a corporate military induced calamity of climate and economic collapse does not preempt God’s own Armageddon plans for Earth. If you are going to personify the Guy, you can image that stealing God’s thunder would really tick Him off. Putting it simply like a good Christian story, I don’t think Christ’s death and resurrection 2010 years ago would reconcile God on that one.

His story, selected scripture, God’s New Covenant, His companionship with thee and angels galore forever in Heaven in contrast to damnation in eternal hell remains confused in the scholarly arts of deep spin, power making and superstition bound in the Holy See and yet migrated into the fabric of modern corporate capitalism.

A corporate military induced cataclysm may not be the spectacular speeding fireball of a Fox corporate thriller, but more the reality something like a painfully slow independent film. You see a break down of all things: a sufferance deforming, decreasing and destroying biology, communication and machines such as medical equipment, heaters, ACs and nuclear warheads.

There will be intolerable sickness and torture of life in evolutionary decline – ever slow and in an increasingly hostile environment. It may not kill quickly nor allow for any controlled mass destruction, relief or escape. Manufacture will fall apart, if you want out for you and your family you will have to use your own hand.

True, Christian religion has valuable moral, educational and cultural estate to share with the world for now and all time, but I guess like other religions of old their is a ways to go in reckoning things with modern knowledge, self-responsibility on Earth and the development of civil rights and sustainability.

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© Michael Daly 2010

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