USA Provocation of Iran and USA Exceptionalism at it’s Bully Worst

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Art Montage by Michael Daly Artist

The USA military state became empowered as a world superpower by war crimes and the inter-generational shock of two Atom bombs dropped at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.
Art montage by Michael Daly Artist – featuring Little Boy and Fat Man Atom Bombs and Donald Trump in contrast to Martin Luther King.


The PetroDollar bulldozer and the ‘Greater Israel’ agenda weather real or subconscious are once again disrupting a non-threatening national sovereignty. The US/Israel/allies have a lust for war in the short-term with the usual longterm goal of economic/banking control, a US-style commercialization and exploitation representing thuggish cultural appropriation of the region.

Donald Trump announced today that the USA will no longer honour the Iranian peace treaty ~ hello ~ based on a yet-an-other flimsy and misleading statement made last week by Prime Minster Netanyahu.


Strangely enough Trump just made his finest performance as a suited President since taking Office. It was like a well trained puppet that finally acted his part. It could have well been Obama or either Clinton delivering.

He kept to the carefully crafted state script obediently, any Trump antics were gone leaving comedians hard pressed for tonight.

He had no Generals, supporters, family or officials behind him.

He took two questions on North Korea as he scuffled out of the excited press venue in the White House with his arms afloat saying “I don’t know” which all came across as most un-assuring.

But he refused to answer any questions on the press conference subject itself, Iran, such as “how does this make the USA safer?”

This new Presidential demeanor, all of 5 minutes or so, should be alarming for his supporters who thought he was his own boss, going to be a non-interventionist and beat down the deep state and the crooked establishment.


The USA military and nuclear state became empowered as a world superpower by war crimes and the inter-generational shock of two Atom bombs dropped at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. The world remains in shock and fear evidenced by the fact that no war crime charges have been heard.  The fact that the USA with it’s own despotic history in WWII and it’s present day nuclear stockpiles is charging, provoking and punishing Iran on nuclear improprity is the height of gaslighting and chronic international behavioural problems.

I do not advocate for any nuclear industry let alone nuclear weapons since nuclear facilities are unsafe and the waste is of catastrophic concern to humankind and life.

The USA announcement points to escalating war and worsening destabilization in the Middle East based on a discredited statement last week by Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu.

So the sanctions crippling innocent civilians in Iran go into affect and corner the nation without good reason. As well the US is making menacing threats having it’s foreign war bases surrounding Iran. Trump on behalf of the US deep state is blaming Iran for terrorists when in fact the USA has been terrorizing the whole planet in violation of International Law since the invasion (1893) and occupation (1897) of Hawai’i. It continues. The USA terrorized the Middle East region as recently as 2003 with the War on Iraq – and that was based on outrageous false claims of WMD there that the corporate media gleefully conspired to and publicly reinforced. This, in direct conflict to many credible voices including the most credible on the ground source, Hans Blix, the chief UN weapons inspector in Iraq.

The USA funds ISIS and other terrorists today in Syria. The lies and hypocrisy of the USA befit a pathological narcissist and, as shocking as it is, Donald Trump’s found passage to the empire’s most iconic figurehead is not all together incomprehensible.

Gaza is a prison state administered by Israel that has no moral fortitude, but rather a God-given right to persecute, discriminate against, kill and maim the innocent first peoples on the Jew’s ever-expanding Holy Land as they have come and come to perceive it. Like US Exceptionalism where might is right, such Earthly matters as International Law, the World Court and UN arbitration are of no consequence to the Zoinist rulers and the Jewish people under the spell of religious and racial superiority.

Israel has nuclear weapons but has never declared them.

And Saudi Arabia of course is in the thick of the petrodollar and the oil mafia of global thuggery. The USA ignores the human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia yet can seemingly only point them out for independent nations and governments they want to destroy for neferious reasons.

The elite power lords behind the USA/Israel/Saudi Arabia and Western old-colonial governments such as the UK, France, Germany,  Australia are not interested in furthering democracy and addressing human rights. These people often behind the scenes are drug addicts addicted to oil, money, land and human resources (a Globalized worker/slave model)accumulating undeserved power and in many cases they are hiding their expensive personal issues of sex trafficking and pedophila.

It’s time the world’s working people stood up in solidarity and identify their own universal power and identify the real enemies of the planet – and challenge them.


Netanyahu’s statement of last week has been discredited globally but it’s timing must have been coordinated as worldwide pre-babble somehow justifying the set up for today in the Trump White House. Its directed to more regional destabilization in the Middle East. They don’t care that the world watches on in disbelief. The USA is not only nuclear terroristic threat but the only state with a record of deploying nuclear bombs on cities.

Trump said the USA had France, Germany the U.K. and “it’s friends in the Middle East” on board – most all are nuclear state – they use this mindset to bully. If they were interested in nuclear non-proliferation they would have well abided by the treaty by now in their own backyards.

In the most recent hours Germany and France have distanced themselves from Trumps declaration today. [ Macron, Merkel, May express ‘regret’ at Trump’s Iran moveEuropean powers pledge their continued support for the Iran nuclear deal]

Trump met with both Merkel and Macron recently. Surely Netanyahu and Trump had their ducks in a row – apparently not, or Trump was trumped again.

Anyway its the people behind these people who are pulling the strings.

It’s going to be very difficult to invade Iran after the lies and failures of the Iraq war – the world has no trust in the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and any nation signing onto a new colonial “Coalition of the Willing”.


Question: Why is the USA not bothered by Israel’s hidden nuclear programme but bothered by fear-based and wrongful notions about North Korea, Iraq and Iran?

Answer: The US and Israel are in the same diseased imperial bed together.

The better question is why dose the global population allow this? What are good global citizens doing to secure a safe and free sustainable environment in the face of dangerous and ignorant playground bullies?

It has to be said that more of the same; political lies, wanton war waste, unbridled capitalism, forced austerity and poverty, resource depletion, and fossil fuel economies only offer a suffocating dead end for our future generations – on the other hand resistance, independence, truth, creativity and intelligence offer hope.

Here, evolution demands survival or perish, and the best possible survival comes with courage, conviction and immediate action.


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