Romanus Pontifex to Globalization

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Romanus Pontifex refers to the Papal Bulls issued for immediate benefit to King Alfonso V of Portugal in 1455 which declared war against all non-Christians throughout the world. 2010 represents the 555th anniversary. Non-European indigenous peoples, including Australian Aboriginals have asked for reconciliation but the Vatican cannot bring itself to dismantle the legal documents to this day. Cover graphics by Michael Daly, please distribute.


If the Irish themselves were not so jolly and had the kind of honour that has had them victimised throughout history I’d hardly have any pride at all in my Caucasian heritage. I was born in Australia of Irish decent for Roman fodder; a large “C” Catholic. (l am a small “c” catholic, refer to your dictionary).

My residence now revolves around an unknown mission in an unidentified frontline in the Pacific – Hawai`i.  This is where colonial England eastbound collides with colonial England westbound.

My topic is sparked in part by news that EU citizens are demanding democracy!


Here is the first section of this much longer writing – perhaps it’s a book to be laid out in chapters.  This first part mostly deals with environment but I start with my home Hawai`i. This is my first real post but does not represent things to come.  I use English spelling such as “globalisation”. USA spelling occurs for special titles and references such as”Globalization”.

Glossary: CWE Caucasian white European


Well this is a global worry isn’t it around US Thanksgiving Day? Democracy in Europe is at risk (or never really has been) and citizens are calling for people power. Europeans ride on the back of the brave New World frontiersmen, the world police dogs that the US is expected to be. It is whined about everywhere, including the USA.

A glance at the USA reveals that of a superpower, a nation run by entities other than its people, and a violent military empire occupying, scrambling and controlling a host of foreign countries in contempt of International Law and human regard.

In Hawai`i Thanksgiving rolls into Independence Day, November 28. So with that in mind today it is fitting to start with my home environment which is by any means significant; its the Hawaiian factor in colonialism and Globalization.

Europe uses the USA to protect their wealth and politeness despite the separation from England in 1776 and the distaste that must have caused at the time. The USA is still the Christian son. There are lots of clues as to the British and European hand in the glove of the US government. One striking event of interest is the Hawaiian overthrow and annexation in 1893 and 1897 respectfully.

European nations could have pulled USA superpower imperial diversions up before they took hold under the direction of President William McKinley. The taking of Panama and Hawai`i was during his Office.  In the case of Hawai`i, between 1893 and 1897 the nation was menaced in the most blatant and pathetic of puerile ways by a small band of local missionary sons.  They were lead by Lorirn A. Thurston.

They were white, young, land hungry commercialist pirate-types on the isolated high seas, racist and emanating from a small town called Kenebec near Boston. They were founding fathers of the USA Republican Party or associated with them (ref The Nation Within by Tom Coffman). They had rifles, hatred, lust for profit, self righteousness and no sense of law, so they just took the Monarch and `Iolani Place like an animal alpha takes a female. And this is the savage example at play today in the world theatre where the parents (in this case Britain/Europe) don’t have the will to take away the keys nor the whiskey from a rampaging adolescent son at the wheel.

The Hawaiian coup d’état was aided by the US Navy – so today, as such crime goes uncorrected and becomes systemic, President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras, for instance, is abducted in his pajamas at midnight using the Hawai`i coup template.

This year the US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton makes gobbledegook media statements regarding the incapacity of the US to officiate justice and bring the lawful president home to the Honduras people – the unspoken is this: the practical conflict of dirty interest, the US army schools in South America teach and abet ‘Overthrow 101′ for the benefit of selected rightwing business families having been identified as noble looking oligarchical material.

Thurston types. Thurston and his family ran Hawai`i through his daily newspaper The Honolulu Advertiser until 1993, the year President Clinton signed the Apology Law 103-150 to “Native Hawaiians” -not the Monarchy making race an issue when it is not.

Actually the original rebels and new republic in Hawai`i were always weak and terribly vulnerable. This off-the-continent assault was new to the USA back then in the day, and rather than having a Hillary Clinton type response on foreign affairs, the official word in 1893 to Thurston from President Cleveland was that the USA recognises International Law, the rebels are in violation, so reinstate the Monarch immediately.

When McKinley became President shortly after he ignored all this, befriended Thurston, and constructed a house of cards, not even legal domestically, called the Newlands Resolution which pretends to annex Hawai’i as a Territory – that, since 1897 with the fake state, US Statehood of 1959 being added cards balanced on top.

Queen Lili`uokalani later placed under house arrest had been protesting the US invasion and calling for the world’s nations (but a handful at that time) to support her and the nation: the rainbow multicultural composition of the Kingdom of Hawai`i.

Instead her friendly counterpart in England, Queen Victoria, like most of the others, Japan being an exception, did not act. To its credit Japan official supported the Queen. Since then Hawai`i has become the cornerstone military state of illegal occupation in the Pacific – still awaiting justice and still now Europe ignores this very crux preventing global law and sustainability.

It’s clear to me that Caucasian white Europeans, CWEs, share in having a lot to be thankful for in developing/taking/destroying North America, that is, except the karma.  The CWE is generally Christian and don’t believe in karma.

Nevertheless karma is under the Thanksgiving table growing like a Wall Street bubble. Christian churches, underwriting European world colonies, have no acknowledgment of karma taught in Buddhism and Hinduism.  Rather Christians plunder in the name of forgiveness and condolences.

This sums up the predicament of the world today as life on the planet faces human induced climate change – another ice age.  People blame the motorcar and fossil fuel economy which is right but that doesn’t go to the source cause does it? And if the source is not dealt with no wonder governments and people go around in circles while they know the Earth is burning.

And why hasn’t renewable energy been developed in full? I note that the first Earth Day was back in 1970 before many adults today were born. The link between Christianity, CWEs, the occupation of Iraq, and climate change is becoming clear.

Human induced is the term I’ve heard climate change called and proved scientifically.  Scientifically you might as well call it an animal induced since humans belong in the animal kingdom. I know Christians have trouble accepting that structure of nature; understandably so, anything that joins the dots may mean facing karma, bad karma.

You would never think to blame Earth’s environmental terror on the animal dwellers especially as so many of them are victims placed on the endangered spices list, directly as a result of the modern ecological and environmental breakdown. That would make them suicidal, a trait usually not found in the “lesser” species.

But probably what’s not coincidental is that suicide is an accelerating human epidemic increasing as insecurity about the Earth’s future hit home and mass awareness takes place. The realization hits youth facing the future harder than old corrupted dogs passing it on. This would also explain why youth suicide is on the rise when only decades past the few people who died from suicide were mostly much older.

When you look at depression within the educated global sectors and the anti-depression drug market the picture is likewise shocking if not worse.

But, back to the point I was originally trying to make. It is not fair to call climate change “human-induced” because that includes all when only certain humans have been (and for so very long), and still are, busy inducing. And not only that, inducing others to induce.

Not all humans are to blame. Ah, back to Europeans. Most humans, specifically non-CWEs have been self-sufficient and tribal, off the toxic grid so to speak, while on the other hand, CWEs have been the gross carbon producers.  The later go back to the industrial age – something only possible through colonization and exploitation of the world’s natural and human resources.

Of the CWE inducers, it could be argued, most have been forced into the fold by a handful of business moguls laying out the system for them – the European common seduced and corralled, comfortably so and with racist composition – the rest of the world defending paddle and spear, people trying politely to please visiting missionaries who call them native savages and who play there part in genocide.

It is only in my life that things have become less colour/race specific.  But I fear only to the degree that suits the corporate media agenda in confusing real and dangerous issues. For instance it suits the west nicely that China is the world’s worst carbon emitter and seems intent on increasing that.  With time, as far as the west is concerned, this shifts a goodly portion of carbon footprint responsibility eastward.

I visited China in the mid 80’s and amid the bicycles and buses crowding Beijing roads only a few cars could be seen. Five things must be said: 1) Chinese humans have only been inducing climate change recently while the west has been polluting heavily for a century 2) China produces consumer goods mostly for Wal-Mart, the USA and other developed countries that want and afford stuff (Wal-Mart has special mention because it is the biggest buyer and it’s budget is bigger than many countries).  3) Per head of population China is way behind the USA and developed countries as being a big carbon emitter (the child born in the USA has a much bigger carbon footprint than the child born in China). 4) Chinese workers toil for overseas consumers without seeing a comparable rise in living standards and social services at home, making the case that their involvement in climate change has more to do with foreign motives than across-the-board local benefits. 5) Consumerism and capitalism are not traditional Chinese values (the west is a parent model and influential stakeholder).

Al Gore is rightly concerned with the inconvenient truth of the environment. So am I. I am also worried about the convenient truths.  Corporatists are probably thinking how convenient it is for them to rip apart forests and villages, force development, industrialization and a smear of democracy north, south, east and west.  It muddies perception and the conversation. Over a generation, they assume, kids in Nicaragua, Iraq and so on will accept the guilt for pollution and land degradation. How convenient to profit from their destruction, move pollution blame to the south and use the money to manicure the home estate. The imperial regions can move to service and military “security” economies called the New West becoming relatively clean and healthy…

… civilized so to speak.

Civilization! That is another significant European trait worth examination in the face of global collapse. Civilization, I fear depends more on European values of appearances, vanity, prejudice and the distinct contrast between haves and have-nots more than it does with human values of justice, social advancement, intelligent application of resources and sustainability.

Poverty remains.

In the projection of continued capitalism or even just European style civilization poverty is an inherent quality or should I say anti-quality. But this is checkmate time, and the environment is demanding a whole new projection.

The way of CWEs, the corporate assets and dividends for shareholders and consumer expansion is terribly blessed! For you see, convenience falls repeatedly in thy lap the flock believes.  Wealth, even national wealth, is the reinforcing sign of being aligned with God the Father in His holy favour and Christ’s good teachings.

But where Earthly things are too obviously the loot of thou wretched sin, then never mind that too: forgiveness kicks in on Judgment Day. Christ died for all sin, and hell is short-circuited provided one says “in the name of Jesus Christ” a lot, out loud, preferably in front of a lot of witnesses and shows up at church to be sure.

For Christian/missionary/corporate colonialists of old Europe, and there general descendants who linger in world events today, the gross disparity of wealth is simply the inevitable way of God’s thanks to some (used to be just whites) and punishment to others (used to be just non-whites). That’s why “God bless America” applies to USA but not Mexico or Chile.

President Bush’s worldwide war on terror which looks more like a modern fundamentalist Christian war mostly against Muslims but also the rest of the world (in Romanus Pontifix quarter) conveniently targeted the oil rich prize of Iraq in 2003 – and continuing on forever, conveniently likely. The permanent occupation of Iraq now commanded by a black US president installed by great popular support says nothing of his pledge for change, democracy, nor the will of the people but speaks of corruption and fear within the Oval Office.

I will not waste words: climate change is actually the quintessential crime of abuse of life on Earth. It is the crime of terrorizing the future.  Climate abuse is a crime on a scale unknown anywhere anytime. In fact the sheer proportion of this crime is so pervasive as to be almost undetectable. It has become a single global culture and everyone’s immediate way of survival. It is almost as undetectable as ocean water is to the fish immersed within.

But the system of inducing climate change has been forced and continues to be forced by a private few onto the vast body of Earth’s humanity living and dead.

With that in mind let’s be careful as to whom we name the mob. Let us not say that climate change is human induced and let us be specific in the same way we would not accept it as “animal induced”.

Climate change and the current exacerbation of climate change is corruption of Biblical magnitude.  Roman Christians are deadly self-righteous and at the same time, wholly ignorant in developing a self-fulfilling prophecy written by John in another era to bring some social evolution.

If nothing else, and for the duration, Christians will pride themselves with superiority as there Armageddon wipes out there families and the countless generations of non-subscribing participants of innocent life on Earth. But for the scale of sheer terror and the associated shock of truth no such pride will ever take place.

And Christians might take care that a corporate military induced calamity of climate and economic collapse does not preempt God’s own Armageddon plans for Earth. If you are going to personify the Guy, you can image that stealing God’s thunder would really tick Him off. Putting it simply like a good Christian story, I don’t think Christ’s death and resurrection 2010 years ago would reconcile God on that one.

His story, selected scripture, God’s New Covenant, His companionship with thee and angels galore forever in Heaven in contrast to damnation in eternal hell remains confused in the scholarly arts of deep spin, power making and superstition bound in the Holy See and yet migrated into the fabric of modern corporate capitalism.

A corporate military induced cataclysm may not be the spectacular speeding fireball of a Fox corporate thriller, but more the reality something like a painfully slow independent film. You see a break down of all things: a sufferance deforming, decreasing and destroying biology, communication and machines such as medical equipment, heaters, ACs and nuclear warheads.

There will be intolerable sickness and torture of life in evolutionary decline – ever slow and in an increasingly hostile environment. It may not kill quickly nor allow for any controlled mass destruction, relief or escape. Manufacture will fall apart, if you want out for you and your family you will have to use your own hand.

True, Christian religion has valuable moral, educational and cultural estate to share with the world for now and all time, but I guess like other religions of old their is a ways to go in reckoning things with modern knowledge, self-responsibility on Earth and the development of civil rights and sustainability.

<end of intro section>

© Michael Daly 2010

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