Chelsea Manning Art Portrait

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Chelsea Manning Art Portrait by Michael Daly Artist 2015

Chelsea Manning Art Portrait by Michael Daly Artist 2015

As I approach New Year’s nite and the city fireworks, and as I wish everybody a just and happy 2016, my attention turns to Chelsea Manning who remains in US Leavenworth (KS) military jail tonight.

Manning has been tortured while awaiting trial in prison, her trial unlawfully delayed, and she has been treated unfairly and judged out of context of the greater good of her actions (at the time, Pvt Bradley Manning) in releasing information regarding USA war atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When those in media, business and government who so deceptively and deliberately lead the wrongful invasions there during early 2000s, and unleashed a false War on Terror – and while similar criminal leaders of authority carry on these gross acts against International Law today – while they are free, and free to profit in this way, and Manning is confined to jail, then lawlessness prevails and the terms ‘leader’ and ‘authority’ are misapplied.

In looking to a better world in 2016 for all life on Earth, humanity would be served well if the USA would quit its violent and imperial process and release Manning immediately.

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