Chelsea Manning Art Portrait

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Chelsea Manning Art Portrait by Michael Daly Artist 2015

Chelsea Manning Art Portrait by Michael Daly Artist 2015

As I approach New Year’s nite and the city fireworks, and as I wish everybody a just and happy 2016, my attention turns to Chelsea Manning who remains in US Leavenworth (KS) military jail tonight.

Manning has been tortured while awaiting trial in prison, her trial unlawfully delayed, and she has been treated unfairly and judged out of context of the greater good of her actions (at the time, Pvt Bradley Manning) in releasing information regarding USA war atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When those in media, business and government who so deceptively and deliberately lead the wrongful invasions there during early 2000s, and unleashed a false War on Terror – and while similar criminal leaders of authority carry on these gross acts against International Law today – while they are free, and free to profit in this way, and Manning is confined to jail, then lawlessness prevails and the terms ‘leader’ and ‘authority’ are misapplied.

In looking to a better world in 2016 for all life on Earth, humanity would be served well if the USA would quit its violent and imperial process and release Manning immediately.

Manning’s Holiday Message 2015

Jeff Paterson of Manning Support Network interview on MSNBC 2013

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  1. Michael Daly improperly depicts a uniformed Chelsea Manning wearing insignia of her former rank Private First Class (PFC). Since 21 Aug 2013, when she was sentenced by court-martial to reduction in rank, Manning has been Private (PV1), which in the U.S. Army has no insignia.

    1. To the degree that the USA invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan (to name just the two wars at issue regarding the Wikileaks disclosures) are unlawful and unconstitutional -and- considering that Manning’s actions were driven by Manning’s oath to uphold the Constitution it is highly dubious that the verdict and sentencing of her have any juridicial standing.

      In fact the whole process rather substantiates a failed system of law and justice in the USA and across International Law.

      There can be no confidence anywhere in the US civil and military justice system while Manning is ignored, left in jail and stripped of her rank. There can be no confidence until apologies and reparaitions are made to states and individuals damaged by the illegal USA War on Terror.

      The portrait of Manning in Private First Class uniform, is deliberate in portraying her as a brilliant and model soldier in an otherwise law abiding state where her actions and rank are not diminished but saluted.

      1. You are advocating a position on behalf of Chelsea Manning that she herself has rejected. On February 28, 2013, during the pretrial Article 39(a) session of her court-martial proceeding, known as a Providence Inquiry, then-PFC Manning was repeatedly offered the opportunity to plead a defense of justification, which as Judge Lind explained, excuses an act done in the proper performance of a legal duty.

        “Do you believe that the defense of justification applies in your case?” asked the judge.

        “I do not, Your Honor, no,” Manning replied under oath.

        During the course of their colloquy, Judge Lind asked over and again if the accused wished to plead justification. Each time, Manning—with her attorneys present and under advice of counsel—replied no.

        Now, nearly three years later, you declare, “It is highly dubious that the verdict and sentencing of her have any juridicial [sic] standing.” However, that is not for you to decide. Manning’s case is currently under review by the U.S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals, which will consider the judicial correctness of her trial and sentencing. Should their ruling go against Manning, she may next apply to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, and if necessary ultimately to the Supreme Court of the United States. These bodies are duly constituted under U.S. law and are guided, not as you seem to be, by partisan passions, but by statutory authority and established legal precedents.

        Your idealism is commendable. Your avoidance of reality is not.

        1. Thank you TransTroops for sharing the information here about Chelsea Manning’s decision to reject the court’s offer of defense of justification. I did not know this – and I don’t understand the factors behind the plea decisions that Manning and her defense team made. I see from a brief look at the transcript that Manning pleaded guilty to lesser included offenses and not guilty to greater offenses. I don’t understand the reasoning of pleading guilty to anything. I’m thinking that the overarching decision to reject defense of justification meant that suffering the lesser charges cooperatively was most expedient – realism as you seem to point to.

          However, what a tortured and broken Manning pleaded on February 28, 2013, within the system of bagaining and failure, the system I’m seeing at work throughout the USA, may not reflect the instintive and heartfelt plea of overall innocence that she holds.

          So when you say: “You are advocating a position on behalf of Chelsea Manning that she herself has rejected”, I’d say that it is very possible that, in the reality of common decency and justice she may well have not rejected the position I am advocating. While she faces the state and her voice is muzzled and most likely twisted by a state of violent threat and violent “reality” it is not clear what her real position is.

          We need her free to better understand that. And that means people advocating on her behalf on these points.

          Link to Manning Providence Inquiry, February 28, 2013

          1. I disagree with your claim that Manning’s real position is unclear because “her voice is muzzled and most likely twisted by a state of violent threat.” Except for less than 24 hours on 9 Jul 2015 when her cell was searched, Manning has not been in solitary confinement since 20 Apr 2011. She is housed in general population at the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks and routinely interacts with other inmates. It’s been nearly 2½ years since Manning was sentenced, during which time she has published 10 op-ed columns at The Guardian, 9 blog posts at Medium, and hundreds of tweets to her 69,000 followers and others on Twitter, plus been interviewed by Abigail Pesta for Cosmopolitan and the New York Daily News. Just today she posted a new blog entry at the ACLU, which represents her in federal court. Not once in any of these public forums has Manning suggested that her guilty plea to 10 of 22 specifications was coerced or made under duress, or that she feels threatened by violence. For you to suggest otherwise is recklessly unfounded.

  2. The USA is faced with the situation of an enemy state within -and- as well as being complicit with it’s allied nations it remains an enemy state with the world in general.

    Individuals constituting the Earth’s populations must urgently understand that such gross power is not going to self-correct. And, also, that relying on the US electorate while democracy there remains a sham, they cannot correct this alone either.

    For one thing, on the path forward, we must all demand that the injustice of Chelsea Manning be fixed and her sovereignty and freedom be restored.

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