Free Yousef Nadarkahani on Iran Death Row Execution

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Iranian Pastor Yusef Nadarkhani

Pastor Yusef Nadarkhani refuses to denounce his faith in Jesus Christ which may see him executed by the state of Iran in the coming days.

OPEN LETTER Please use
Demand the Release and Freedom of Yousef Nadarkahani on Iran Death Row

To: RH Mohammad Zhazaee,
UN Ambassador and Permanent Representative
Ph: 212-6872020
Email to:
Date: Tue, Oct 4, 2011

Dear RH Mohammad Zhazaee,

I am most outraged by the possible execution of Pastor Yousef Nadarkahani in Iran based on his religion.

Ref Amnesty International:

I believe in maturity of humankind which comes from independent thinking and basic respect and much patience. I believe in best practices and development of education, truth and science where knowledge and general love supersedes ignorance, superstition, propaganda and cruel traditional oppressive ways.

I am not a Christian and please note, I am sorry that the USA has, this past week chosen to execute a black man, Troy Davis, in what appears to be nothing more than a prejudicial state attack on it’s people, predominantly based on race, but nevertheless an attack on humanity. Don’t let your country be shamed in this same way too. I am opposed to the death penalty.

In this destructive global hour it is up to Iran to show the light of maturity in accepting past mistakes and moving forward in communal respect.

The on-going trial of Yousef Nadarkahani is a violation of human rights and international law, as well as the Iranian Constitution.  Please urge the judiciary to acquit and release Yousef Nadarkahani.

Please release a statement on Youef Nadarkahani and send it to me.

Michael Daly
Artist, founder of the The Lovelink Project

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