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Poster launching Michael Daly blog -DalySpace

Poster graphics produced using a photo I shot recently on Kaua`i.

Hi, I’m Michael Daly, artist/activist/author. This blog will be an interesting must see and a long awaited outlet for me to publish cultural political expressions through words, art, photography, media and design.  I want to engage a wide audience of diverse people, many of whom I hope might jump into the ring of comments and bring life to this forum. The only thing that keeps free speech well and healthy is the exercise of it and mutual respect.

With inspiration of great artists and thinkers I hope to be bold and innovative, current and truthful.

I am thankful on this special holiday for my gifts and free speech – that I can communicate this way.  But it is concerning that the internet is being targeted by special interests to deminish the public equality that the net presently offers.  Please sign the ‘Save the Internet’ petition (see Links in the right column).

I will be posting the funny and the serious about  things abound – Hawaii, my neighbourhood, the world.  My next post will be about the call to protect democracy in the European Union.

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