Bradley Manning – Poke the White House

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Bradley Manning Poster, Truth Is, by Michael Daly Artist

"Truth Is.." poster image. This is one frame of an animated art piece by artist Michael Daly in support of truth in government and Bradley Manning

Original Flash art

I want people to support Bradley Manning and phone the White House on Thursday February 3, 2011. We asked President Bush to define torture, now ask President Obama to stop the torture of Bradley Manning immediately or outline his definition of torture.

National White House Call-in Day to Support Bradley Manning, Thurs February 3

Whatever you consider to be your most important cause in bringing forward a defined need for correction by government, a need for some justice or the need for sustainability the case of Bradley Manning is of primary concern for you.

Wherever obvious injustice, corruption, unlawful occupations, private corporate bulldozing and resource degradation is found (fed and entrenched sometimes over a century, such as Hawaiian occupation) the over-riding and core cause of injustice is the lack of truth and transparency in Government.

The apparent handover of classified information by U.S. Private First Class Bradley Manning to WikiLeaks internet journal made public the severity of a global culture of undemocratic process – which costs lives and incurs gross suffering throughout ground zero; planet Earth.

Q: If truth were immediately declassified, if governments were open and honest, how would my favourite cause be affected?
A: Unimaginably positive I believe, and for all the struggle and nonsense activists are confronted with, perhaps truth in Government would resolve many conflicts like a knife passing through soft butter.

But for harmless truth, Bradley Manning is now compounded in a U.S. military prison in Quantico, Virginia.  He is punished now for the eighth consecutive month by isolation and slow inhumane torture. Bradley has not been tried or convicted with anything.

We need to remind ourselves: the WikiLeak’s U.S. war and diplomatic evidence released is not so overwhelming for us to become blinded and nullified, but rather show the need to be centered, assured, outraged and bright. Comfortable people might consider that yes, the world is unfair and that living with bullies is a given, that they will have their day of justice in another life or something. But being how the dots on our local and universal matrix are linked, and now knowing the magnitude of government failure, like an unbelievably huge disaster, the need for change is absolutely paramount for survival. The authorities lie about everything including Climate Change putting a huge array of life at risk.

Support Bradley Manning until ONE: he is freed of jail, and TWO: if indeed he is the whistle, then support his highest regard in the U.S.A. and throughout humanity.

Thankfully the Egyptian youth and people get it!  Take note, they have dropped the daily treadmill of supporting despots and they are on THE STREET as I post this on the Day of the Million Man March.

Government movers and shakers the world over, especially U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton must be sharply awoken in the last few days of the Egyptian revolution; that The People always have the organic power and the means of CHANGE – when the people in the west choose to turn off Murdock media and meet on the street and the village square it defies and puts military expense in the waste basket.

The U.S. Government, Wall Street, and the global system is not too big too fail, it is too big to continue and ignore.

Hopefully the dots are joining for people. Now is the time to support Egyptians and billions of Earth’s citizens suffering under repressive local rule and Globalization – something for which imperial U.S.A. and war profiteers have developed through lies and cover-ups, as if the people are non-participants in their crazy notion of democracy.

Phone the White House and give the Administration that unsettling wake up call that President Mubarak is experiencing today as he hides so low.

Michael Daly

The Whitehouse needs a poke on Thursday:
Phone White House Switchboard: 9am to 5pm EST: Phone 202-456-1414
After hours: the White House comments line: Phone 202-456-1111


  1. My friend in NJ sent me an email response to a mail-out I sent yesterday to promote this blog posting. I was shocked by his words and try to understand how extreme and inhumane feelings like this can manifest. I don’t believe he is correct on most points and regardless he fails to mention USA laws governed by the Geneva Convention.
    This is one scary country fueled by media of mass propaganda.
    I have pasted his full text (but without his type formatted emphasis).
    Hello Mike,

    While I respect and defend your rights under the constitution to decent with the Government and its decisions, That little treasonous bastard has ONLY the rights granted to him under the “Uniform Code of Military Justice” and in my opinion IF (and that’s also granting him his right of due process) he is found guilty (and from all that I’ve read he will be, the evidence is more than compelling enough) he should be executed by hanging as any traitorous SOB mongrel should be!!!

    When he put on that uniform and voluntarily (he wasn’t drafted, he joined up of his own accord) took the oath of allegiance, as is required by the constitution, he swore to “Uphold and defend the constitution of the United States” AND “to obey all lawful orders of the officers appointed over him”, to the best of his ability, so help him God!!!

    What he did by leaking sensitive and TOP SECRET information was to “Give aid and comfort to the enemies” of the United States and her allies, putting hundreds of thousands of his comrades in danger, AND THAT’S HIGH TREASON DURING A TIME OF WAR, and punishable by DEATH!!!

    While I know you do NOT agree with me, might I point out to you the fact that every country in the world even the Australian armed forces still have this provision in their codes of military law, for the same reasons.

    FUCK HIM!!! Personally, I don’t care if they have him in a rat filled, dank and sunless cell in total solitary confinement, chained head to foot, gagged, and moving a 50 lb cast iron ball with him where ever he goes (even when he goes to the head(that’s the bathroom for you civilians), he deserves whatever he fucking-a gets!!!


    Take Care Bro, L8R,

  2. @Mike: The man who wrote this scathing reply does not understand what kind of government we have foisted upon us. If he were to understand what is happening to us and the world of common people he might be more in agreement that Private Manning is being treated horribly and unconstitutionally as a matter of fact the whole nation has been subjected to unconstitutional actions. Our military has been forced to indulge in unconstitutional wars by a government that is clearly filled with a ‘Fox in the Hen House’ group.

    It is because many in our society are unknowing as to the severity of our predicament that you will hear people spew vile and angry words about that which they truly know very little about. Ignorance and stupidity are only a couple of psychological examples why people express anger in such vicious and vile words. This man is truly wrong and his anger is uncalled for. He has no idea what kind of government of people he is trying to yell for.

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