New Year’s Postcard from Waikiki – Free Speech 2011

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Happy New Year Postcard shows Diamond Head and a Monk Seal on Waikiki Beach

This Monk Seal was on the beach in Waikiki with tourists on January 01. This may be a good omen for endangered spices for 2011. The sign says: "I am a Hawaiian Monk Seal. I am totally fine. I am just relaxing and getting some sun!"

Dear Friends,

I wish you a Happy New Year and ask that you support free speech and independent artists in 2011. I want to outline the importance of free speech in this message and affirm that that resource is the basic universe of interchange for artists and indeed everyone – conversation, communication, intimacy and sanity.

The main issue that faces me at the start of this year is not a national one. It is not Hawaiian independence (which represents a shift for me in twenty years). It isn’t even one or all humanitarian or environmental issue/s. I don’t intend to diminish the monumental concerns and my continued support of all these important challenges, but rather, the main issue as I see it, goes to the root cause of these problems. It addresses a paralyzing cause for lack of smart growth and development on a global human scale, why we are stuck in a cave man mentality when an evolutionary surge is needed for survival, and why “Change you can believe in” turns out to be “Same you can deceive in“.

The main issue of 2011 is to assert the supremacy of truth at the expense of violence, racism and short lived embarrassment, amongst other things.

I believe a community can advance truth through free speech and equal access to independent publishing/cablecasting and self publishing such as the internet. As critical as I am of the USA, I am in awe of the US First Amendment establishing free speech. I am in awe of Public Access Media Centers throughout the United States. This makes the USA great in my book. But despite universal rights to the inalienable resources of free speech (not exclusive to USA) these rights are inexplicably being eroded. And people’s lives are being snuffed out in permanent wars or at risk in jails because of bad decisions culminated in reaction to the September 11 tragedies. And all the while the disparity between the numbered rich and the mass poor grows.

The strangle hold of free flowing information together with “official” covert government communications enables apocalyptic global directives by over powerful and non-authorized people and organizations. The contraction of free communication has a direct correlation to global and biological destruction, made even sadder when you believe that otherwise, our capacity to reach unimaginable accomplishments here on Earth is deliberately suffocated. We haven’t even tried true government. It’s blocked by a smaller narrower paranoid mind. Children by now, the world over should be in a bright place with a bright future. But none are – not even those born into high wealth.

Free speech exercises and opens up one’s mind. It declares dignity of self in the well being of others and keeps the spirit, mind and body wholesome.

Truth is a kind of nakedness that we must not be ashamed of. And now let me use the analogy in an opposite kind of way. Just as the global custom of wearing clothes has become adopted and even made revolutionary the world over through deliberate human intervention, so too truth can become such a normality – and exemplified by transparent authorities. When truth reaches a certain threshold, a lie will not be publicly accepted and be easily identified as the naked one. When truth has momentum of this sort, prejudice and ignorance dissolve into a slipstream of accepted acceleration and cultural and engineering models designed for fluid sustainable change.

At the risk of being religious, a matter which would immediately separate my thoughtfulness from the state, I say that free speech is the Holy Grail of any constitution. Free speech may be mostly bulk, shity and smelly sometimes, but nevertheless it constitutes the fertilized soil that grows the tree of truth, provides a strong future of non-armed security and, with urgency, evolutionary continuance.

I am concerned for Bradley Manning and Julian Assange as this goes to blog. Locally, I feel attacked as my income is relegated to street handouts and even there, my position as a portrait artist may end in the coming months because the city plans to close the Waikiki sidewalk off to performers and free voices.

A government impairing Public Forum, impairing student curriculum, conspiring with big media and big business, advancing secrecy and non-neutrality of the people’s communications property such as the internet – a government that professes and promises transparency but does anything but, and incarcerates people without charge – this is a government not worth entertaining.

The way, the truth, the life. Maybe separation of church and state should be replaced with fair-inclusion of all faiths.

As an artist I want to work for free speech in 2011 yet I say: this won’t be effective without people’s support. Just hearing me out is one way, you can make a donation to The Lovelink Project or commission or buy an artwork of mine by contacting me through my website:

With aloha

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