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Feb 26

Bonding with Uniformity

Martin Luther King Parade, Honolulu 2011. Arthur Defries, Michael Daly, Brihadi with Bradley Manning poster

My recent postings have a common thread. They are art assignments of military people in uniform. This is my drawing of John Rauschkolb in his whites. Earlier I published my poster art of Bradley Manning in uniform. My next post will feature two military wedding artworks I did last week: -a fun news story illustration of a …

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Feb 01

Bradley Manning – Poke the White House

Whatever you consider to be your most important cause in bringing forward a defined need for correction by government, a need for some justice or the need for sustainability the case of Bradley Manning is of primary concern for you.

Jan 27

New Year`s Post Card II

This chap was swimming around with me out there in the fresh waters of Waikiki. I was taken by the arrival of Mr. Fat the Monk Seal on New Year’s Day. That was most unusual. So to meet Mr Sea Turtle in virtually the same location around the same time was a heartening delight.

Jan 01

New Year’s Postcard from Waikiki – Free Speech 2011

Free speech exercises and opens up one’s mind. It declares dignity of self in the well being of others and keeps the spirit, mind and body wholesome.

Dec 10

Palace Mockery

But this measure of respect for the Monarch, native Hawaiians and the sacred site of the palace were overturned this week by freshmen Abercrombie and Schatz who were “honoured” at the State of Hawaii Inauguation at `Iolani Palace. The issue implicates the state’s department of Hawaiian affairs “Office of Hawaiian Affairs”.

Dec 03

Déjà vu at `Iolani Palace, Honolulu

The swearing in of Neil Abercrombie will go ahead on Monday Dec 6, 2010 at noon at `Iolani Palace, Honolulu despite protest-“decorations and invitation are set”. This is the opening blunder, Day One, of the incoming Administration of the State of Hawaii and continued US occupation. Protest will happen.

Dec 03

‘Iolani Palace, ceremonial history

The white rebels convinced of their self righteousness in taking `Iolani Palace were driven in part by what they saw as gross financial waste associated with the use of the palace for the Kingdom of Hawaii’s grand ceremonies such as the coronation of King Kalakaua in 1883.

Nov 28

Romanus Pontifex to Globalization

Romanus Pontifex refers to the Papal Bulls issued for immediate benefit to King Alfonso V of Portugal in 1455 which declared war against all non-Christians throughout the world. 2010 represents the 555th anniversary. Non-European indigenous peoples, including Australian Aboriginals have asked for reconciliation but the Vatican cannot bring itself to dismantle the legal documents to this day. Cover graphics by Michael Daly, please distribute.

Nov 25

Welcome to DalySpace

Poster launching Michael Daly blog -DalySpace

Hi, I’m Michael Daly, artist/activist/author. This blog will be an interesting must see and a long awaited outlet for me to publish cultural political expressions through words, art, photography, media and design…

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