DeOccupy Honolulu vs City and County of Honolulu – my list of demands re sidewalk Free Speech, Hawaiian Independence and Homelessness

This is the closing page in a submission, August 20, 2013 by Michael Daly's to DeOccupy Honolulu re Federal Court Case DeOccupy Honolulu vs City and County of Honolulu

This is the closing page in a submission, August 20, 2013 by Michael Daly's to DeOccupy Honolulu re Federal Court Case DeOccupy Honolulu vs City and County of Honolulu.

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130820-Law Suit-DeOccupy Honolulu vs City and County of Honolulu-PROPOSAL DEMANDS by Michael Daly Artist

Michael Daly’s Ten Page Presentation to Sugar Russell and Attorney Brian Brazier (Holcomb Law LLLC). This is my contribution in support of DeOccupy Honolulu given August 20, 2013.

It is MY list of suggested DEMANDS TO CITY and COUNTY OF HONOLULU from DEOCCUPY, re Federal Court case – DeOccupy Honolulu vs City and County of Honolulu. Sidewalk, Public Forum (Free Speech), Homelessness, Harassment, Human Rights and City Search and Seizure of Property on Honolulu/Oahu sidewalks in Hawai`i.

We must protect our rights on the public sidewalk as they pertain to free expression. We must protect the human rights of the poor and homeless on the sidewalk as they do not have even a private room and no where else to be.

We must sop the slow takeover “ownership” of the public sidewalks in retail and resort mall areas by corporate business.

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Public Forum, a Safe Zone, a Declaration for Free Speech

Public Protection - the Public Forum is acknowledged lawfully for expressive rights.

A sign for individuals and groups to use on the sidewalk and other public spaces to assert one's right to free speech. Design by Michael Daly.

Promote the Public Forum wherever you are – especially if you’re on the footpath

The “public forum” sign above is part of an urgently needed community action campaign. Anyone can display the sign when they’re freely expressing themselves: being seen, being vocal, entertaining, engaging people, making protest, making light, frolicking!

In fact paste it up as a self-fullfilling statement of one’s personal empowerment and to remind everyone including old mars, big business men, law makers (in businessmen’s pockets) and law enforcement that our public space is free for lots of things – besides corporate interest.

The campaign asserts free speech rights in the public domain; a safe zone of expressive rights known as the Public Forum.

This sign simply reinforces what is already protected through laws and treaties everywhere on Earth – namely the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and local statue in every nation and in their national constitutions: the USA First Amendment for example. Read the rest of this entry »


Free Yousef Nadarkahani on Iran Death Row Execution

Iranian Pastor Yusef Nadarkhani

Pastor Yusef Nadarkhani refuses to denounce his faith in Jesus Christ which may see him executed by the state of Iran in the coming days.

OPEN LETTER Please use
Demand the Release and Freedom of Yousef Nadarkahani on Iran Death Row

To: RH Mohammad Zhazaee,
UN Ambassador and Permanent Representative
Ph: 212-6872020
Email to:
Date: Tue, Oct 4, 2011

Dear RH Mohammad Zhazaee,

I am most outraged by the possible execution of Pastor Yousef Nadarkahani in Iran based on his religion.

Ref Amnesty International:

I believe in maturity of humankind which comes from independent thinking and basic respect and much patience. I believe in best practices and development of education, truth and science where knowledge and general love supersedes ignorance, superstition, propaganda and cruel traditional oppressive ways.

I am not a Christian and please note, I am sorry that the USA has, this past week chosen to execute a black man, Troy Davis, in what appears to be nothing more than a prejudicial state attack on it’s people, predominantly based on race, but nevertheless an attack on humanity. Don’t let your country be shamed in this same way too. I am opposed to the death penalty.

In this destructive global hour it is up to Iran to show the light of maturity in accepting past mistakes and moving forward in communal respect.

The on-going trial of Yousef Nadarkahani is a violation of human rights and international law, as well as the Iranian Constitution.  Please urge the judiciary to acquit and release Yousef Nadarkahani.

Please release a statement on Youef Nadarkahani and send it to me.

Michael Daly
Artist, founder of the The Lovelink Project


MOCHA Mocker: Gaza Children’s Art Cancelled at Museum

Satirical art by Michael Daly based on MOCHA Logo, Museum of Children's Art, Oakland, California after the museum's board cancelled it's exhibition of artwork by Gaza children. Many people close to the planned exhibition accuse the museum of bending to groups and individuals with USA/Israel bias.

Satirical art by Michael Daly based on MOCHA logo, Museum of Children's Art, Oakland, California after the museum's board cancelled it's exhibition of artwork by Gaza children because it expresses violence. Many people close to the planned exhibition accuse the museum of bending to groups and individuals with USA/Israel bias.

re: Gaza exhibition of children’s art censored with apparent USA/ISRAEL bias.

Hilmon Sorey, Chair
Museum of Children’s Art
538 Ninth Street, Suite 210 Oakland, CA 94607

October 1, 2011

Dear Hilmon Sorey,

I am an artist who is well aware of the importance of providing free expression by children and the right of free passage for a venue to be heard. In the 60’s I was recognised as an artist through my hometown’s local newspaper, The Toowoomba Chronicle’s Junior Art Competition when I was 15 in Australia.

I am the director of The Lovelink Project Lk, a children and community art for peace program I founded in New York in 1985.

I am writing to object to the cancellation of the Gaza group art exhibit:
“A Child’s view from Gaza”.

Let me tell you how deeply hurt I am by the Museum of Children’s Art (MOCHA Lk) since your board decided to circumvent the opportunity for the children of Gaza to present their own expressions of truth – especially on the important, timely and glaring subject surrounding conditions of brutality that children and families face on the ground, at home, school and work, since war, want and attack is their only life’s experience.

Of course by comparison my hurt as a human and an artist is general. The hurt for the child artists expecting to exhibit at MOCHA and for all children in Gaza, who are forced into hopelessness the board’s censorship is just a further act of contempt and war untoward them. It speaks loudly of USA wartime complicity and hypocrisy of freedom.

To think that the exhibition is part of a MECA Lk program that utilizes art to help children cope with trauma – and here you exacerbate that trauma.

And it is a slap in the face of children as artists in the USA isn’t it? Rather than standing up and acclaiming children’s art as equal and deserving you do the opposite. Adult artists would not be treated in this way by a museum in 2011, and if they were they would be rightfully due their outrage and damages. But children artists and visitors at your museum are dismissed and torn.

In your letter of explanation September 12, 2011, you are saying that the board concurs with the voices of parents, care givers and educators in that the works are inappropriate for the whole of your young audience, and, since you can’t isolate peer expression into some restricted room or other you have had to breach your contract with the artists of Gaza and their agent/s and sponsors.

Not once do you mention the weight of staff, board members, parents, care givers, educators, artists, children, community members and lawyers who may be convinced and vocal in pointing out that the exhibit is binding, of no harm, actually of benefit and in line with the museum’s purpose and UN Human Rights pertaining to free speech. In fact some may be pointing to the U.S. Constitution with regard to free speech and Ninth Circuit rulings of access.

I assume that there were no complaints of that nature in the discussion leading up to the cancellation, or that MOCHA is stone deaf to these voices since you did not mention them. The latter would more likely fit your character of prejudicial thinking because you are openly ignoring the Gaza child artists in that way.

I believe the discrimination bells are ringing loud and clear around MOCHA:

  • Did MOCHA seek legal advice?
  • Betty Olson-Jones, speaking on behalf of the Oakland Education Association says past artwork displayed at MOCHA has included many examples of the violence in children’s lives.
  • What evidence does MOCHA base it’s decision on that such images cause harm to children viewers?
  • Is MOCHA unaware that museums, school books, religious graphics including the crucifixion of Christ and media presentations of images of violence are openly displayed in places where children go and are welcome?
  • Can MOCHA show that the objectors of the exhibition are active and consistent in calling for censorship of such graphics across all platforms of presentation and media where children might go?
  • Did MOCHA identify objectors as being impartial to the Palestine USA/Israel war being independently appalled at the violence done to Gaza by the enemy alliance, or are they in fact direct or indirect criminals and/or participants in the continued unjustifiable violence and imprisonment of the region and its people?

It is disturbing that a children’s art museum is toying with children in such dire need. The MOCHA walls are now stained with the reflection of the same state and corporate propaganda regardless of the individuals or entities that you sight as controlling MOCHA’s decision in this matter, and I might say, violates free speech and access. This culture is rooted in the same entities that support the deliberate killing of civilians in Gaza.

You have appeased your most debased elements and at the same time failed your most worthy supporters. Shame.

Michael Daly
Artist, The Lovelink Project founder

The Electronic Intifada Alice Walker urges children’s museum to reverse decision, but censoring of Gaza kids’ art continues by Nora Barrows-Friedman September 16, 2011
Alice Walker Empathy Is A Wave: The Banning of Palestinian Children’s Art (from the Museum of Children’s Art in Oakland) by Alice Walker September 11, 2011
Color Lines Tempers Flare Over Cancellation of Palestinian Youth Art Exhibit
by Noelle de la Paz September 30 2011
Mondoweiss Could censorship of children’s art prove a turning point? by Henry Norr on September 29, 2011


APEC Summit 2011-Honolulu Police announce “Operation Sidewalk Sweeper”

Music entertainers and balloon angel at Waikiki's nightly sidewalk fest on Kalakaua Avenue.

Music entertainers and balloon angel at Waikiki's nightly sidewalk fest on Kalakaua Avenue.

The Honolulu Police Department gave a detailed presentation on August 09, 2011 to Waikiki Neighbourhood Board of Operation Sidewalk Sweeper. The action plan will disrupt and criminalizing many or all people who participate in free speech on the sidewalk in Waikiki. It is feared that corporate-initiated sweeps of Waikiki’s homeless and street artists represent a belligerent attack on the poor and independent as an expression of economic prejudice.

According to Stg. David Barnett who announced OSS the plan had been recently developed by city and “community agencies”, as stakeholders in devising “new and improved” rules for public safety. Wide-net arrests will rely on these new rule ideas. The sweeper will dislocate street artist, performers and free voices on Kalakaua Avenue. Recently unannounced development meetings with corporate representative have created an impression whereby police now believe they are obliged and authorized to disrupt and harass free speech users of the sidewalk.

Save Waikiki Sidewalk is a group of artists campaigning vigorously to uphold the public rights for artists, church members, media workers, union members (including local police union), nonprofits, politicians (including those mistakenly hurting us) and cause-advocates. These individuals and entities all rely on the public sidewalk for free speech.

Without government transparency and meaningful free speech, truth can be permanently hidden with guaranteed mass destruction. Give the public free speech and the means to truth and she cares not for the antiquated wish of Mayer Amschel Rothschild and others who think they can control nations undemocratically.

OSS comes prior to APEC summit this November and parallels another APEC city/corporate sidewalk “preparation”. This is the “streetscape” project (it broke ground in March). The renovation has landscaped most of the free speech corridor with plantings. This has pushed the artists into uncomfortable or impossible sidewalk conditions in the centre of the pavement or to sections not done. Yet, by U.S. Constitutional law all public sidewalk areas are PUBLIC FORUMS and cannot be eliminated or diminished without REPLACEMENT of equal value (ref: Venetian Casino case, 2001). Essentially the city/corporate preparations for APEC, Asia Pacific Economic Conference, amount to multimillion-dollar attacks on the homeless, poor and independent.  Not altogether ironically, this world economic summit maybe used by local private transnational resorts and developers to permanently control Waikiki and beyond.

YouTube Preview Image

The police PowerPoint presentation included photos and information (presumably gathered by police) on specific individual artists who have practiced here for many years. They especially show performers. These buskers can expect to be arrested and charged under the new city/corporate “say-so” or “provisions”. For over a decade arrests have been a constant issue on the street as a matter of discrimination. Usually after personal humiliation, property confiscation, jail, bail and sometimes strip searches, the Honolulu court dismisses the cases. But the real purpose and damage is done before cases go to court. Notably, routine harassment has stopped since the Save Waikiki Sidewalk began a campaign to stand up for users of free speech in September 2010. The campaign began when artists learned of the sidewalk renovation design.

However last month two independent and longterm performing artists, who sing and play keyboard and violin respectively, were arrested, charged, convicted and fine approx. $107 each. The crime; they were playing “reproduced” rhythm and sound in their live performances. The city and police had given no instructions about new “hear-say” codes or warnings.

With regard to OSS most of the rules or, in any case, outcomes, of these county/corporate “safety” meetings may not even come close to a narrative of legal island law. They certainly conflict with higher provisional authorities: UN Human Rights, Federal U.S. Ninth Circuit Court Rulings, and U.S. First Amendment rights – all of which protect free speech and trump lower local orders. If OSS continues many PUBLIC FORUM users will get caught up in police confusion and the disturbing implications associated with the mis-training of officers who are expected to carry it out. Stg. Barnett said he was responsible for training the Waikiki force on the new and improved rules.

Other notions that OSS rely on are:

  • Naming a price or asking for, or indicating, donations for product/services. Undercover police set up artists, make a financial transaction with them as clients, then closedown the stall and arrest the artist. But, these cases conflict with Ninth Circuit Court rulings: Gospel Missions of America II case 2002, and Jingle” Harry Nmi Perry case 1997 where it is firmly established that selling and/or receiving donations for services/products on the public sidewalk is legal.
    : Newspaper businesses are allowed to sell their product for commercial gain at a fix and clearly advertised price from vending machines on the public sidewalk. Incidentally, a newspaper is not an original artwork; it is a reproduction, often reproducing agency articles. It offers free speech and commercial advertising all for private profit.
  • Artists trespassing onto assumed private property by crossing an installed brass line running along the centre of the sidewalk. But “Sidewalk trespassing” cannot be proved in Waikiki because: 
    The property lines have not been surveyed by the City which relies on developer say-so, and in any case it doesn’t matter because 
    users of the public sidewalk regardless of easement lines cannot be discriminated against. Since people now use of the full width of the path between the gutter and building line, pedestrian use and expressive interchange cannot be segregated on any part of the public conduit.


Waikiki Improvement Association with Director Rick Egged represents the private corporate interests in these attacks on free speech and matters of private encroachment onto the public sidewalk. This includes both physical and intellectual property aspects of Waikiki’s sidewalk. It has been going on for decades through a quite process I call graduation.

It happens slowly but purposefully beneath the very feet of people. It is not helpful that public officials are no longer representing the public, but rather corporate interest. Nevertheless Egged and WIA members are mistaken to think that the issues will go unaddressed. They are accountable for the replacement and repair of sidewalk problem throughout Waikiki.

The members of the mis-named Waikiki Improvement Association, made up of international developers, hotel resorts and businesses need to know that Waikiki is not a corporate trans-national -privately owned and controlled- consortium overseeing it’s own shopping mall and resort theme park. This is public domain owned and controlled by the public. Waikiki Neighborhood Board, a public entity under the City and County of Honolulu, must gather the body strength to uphold democratic principal and guard public property. Looking at the history and since nobody spoke up to Stg. Barnett at the most recent August 9 meeting board members are accommodating and condoning corporate takeover and allowing a prejudicial attack on artists and free voices.

The public needs to have OSS struck down immediately, and in the meantime artists and individuals under attack need to protect themselves by carefully documenting all police approaches and securing the names and contact info of witnesses. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has been monitoring Waikiki sidewalk issues since last year when city engineer, Greg Hee, was forced to address WNB. He disclosed the joint corporate/city sidewalk “streetscape” project which was implemented through a CIP line item. The $26 million plus design placed trees and plantings along an 8–15’ strip along the road side of Kalakaua Ave. pavement: the essential and most valuable zone of the PUBLIC FORUM; a direct attack.

The corporate assault on free speech is an attack on individuality and the basic right to produce expression and income that is not controlled by corporations. This is not a matter of street artists taking consumer money from business tenants because street artists manufacture visitor interest and increase overall spending in Waikiki. Similar colour and carnival street promotions such as block parties and Aloha Festival events can run the taxpayer $500k and up. Presently the artists and entertainers are free every nite, except carnival nites – yet still abused, ignored, criminalized and made unwelcome.

The corporate agenda to shut down and discriminate against free speech voices on the makua (mountain) side of Kalakaua Av. is clear and it follows a pattern used on the other side of the avenue: Royal Hawaiian Center. The same is true of Beach Walk (Lewers Street) and Luxury Row and Nike Town by Kalaimoku Street.

The two part corporate game plan of graduation is now clear.

ONE: Remove the sidewalk ‘Public Forum’ by installing plants and landscaping along its path. Pave a new path in and out of shops and private property with corporate approved tiles that blend into the private buildings and designs.
TWO: Instigate a police sting (OSS) on artists and back it up with intimidation by privately trained corporate security guards with the longterm plan to produce a SHOPPER ONLY ENVIRONMENT.

Michael Daly is an artist and campaign director of Save Waikiki Sidewalk.


The Art of Truth and Marriage in the Military

Josh & Heather Wedding illustration by Michael Daly

Featured here are two related yet contrasted illustrations I produced on weddings in the military. Strangely I was working on these separate commissions during last week before they were released for publication. And both come on the heels of my producing a painted interpretation of the image of Private First Class Bradley Manning – in uniform, which is significant. See “Truth Is..” art piece. Manning is the jailed alleged WikiLeaks whistle. I was also recently commissioned to draw a 90 year old Pearl Harbor veteran in his whites.

My first assignment (above) came from a young soldier, Josh, and his civilian wife Heather in Honolulu. They wanted a drawing based on their wedding photo. Josh was uncomfortable about his beard in the wedding photo since he said it was not uniform code. Simple, I gave him a clean shave. I was also able to strictly detail his uniform badges that were blurred in the ragged wallet photo that Josh gave me.  Josh, stationed in Oahu, had been deployed to the Afghanistan War at least once and awaiting more moving orders.

Having met Josh and Heather, it appeared obvious that the couple have a heterosexual relationship. But, not so, for the military couple in my other art assignment (below). The Honolulu Weekly, an independent newspaper ordered the cover illustration. Here the bride and groom were given made-up names, Foster and Amy, and mannequin figures to protect their identity. They are the subjects of an intriguing feature story by Ashley Lukens in the current issue, Feb 23, 2011, titled: “A Marriage of Convenience - Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.  The gay and lesbian couple married while serving in the military to have the effective benefits that married couples are allowed.

Honolulu Weekly by Michael Daly-DADT-110223

Cover illustration by Michael Daly

As an artist it was challenging to approach the complexity of a changing military make-up: indicating both genders, presenting a cross over of traditional “toys” (guns and roses), and deleting facial identity. Perhaps it was a little too much to further stamp out individuality by attempting to loose them all together in camouflage.  It was something of joy to “gayify” the uniforms and badges.  As I was working I kept singing Universal Soldier by Buffy Sainte-Marie in my head. I changed the original word ‘blame’ to ‘same’: “He’s the universal soldier and he really is the same..”.  I was thinking an open gay community in the military might change the world as we know it.

What if the general acceptance of people, such as gays, not only in the U.S. military, but forces of the world, leads to some grave understanding of individuality and humanity?  This would jeopardize the culture of war, lies, fear, violence and concentrated profit making. Permanent peace could ensure which would threaten the security of the Pentagon and the dirty capital enterprise of hate.

The prospects of the military in the event of permanent peace are taken seriously at top level. I recall a televised panel discussion in the U.S. (in the late 90s, maybe on CSPAN) on this subject that included top brass and to my surprise, Margaret Thatcher. Apart from the topic itself I was struck that Thatcher blatantly declared to the live audience that the Gulf War was “about oil” something that she repeatedly denied, and I guess lied about, while being UK Prime Minister, and in her capacity to direct UK forces into that joint war.

With great relief to those with concerns that the military and humungous weapon contracts might become displaced by the onset of a peace economy, the attacks of September 11, 2001 arrived as if on queue with apparently more inside and collaborative motives than simple foreign ones. So “W” Bush’s  War on Iraq,  War on Terror,  War of the Patriot Act and   War on Peace were fully accomplished.  I have searched on line but cannot find this ‘peace and the future of the military’ video.

For me, the Weekly story strikes some cord in the complexity of engineering war, I mean real and lasting war, when all the while humanity is evolving and the symmetry of peace wants to flow like the gift of water.

It is interesting that Bradley Manning is widely known to be gay despite the don’t ask, don’t tell policy. It has all the while been the law during all the publicity about his sexuality. [Perhaps it was WikiLeaked!] How can the young soldier carry on the known life of being gay on one hand and the career life of being a sexual unknown on the other? This example probably is a bad one since the coming out of his sexual identity is minuscule in the face of the needs of his coming out of his torture cell. But it shows the “set-up” of shame and absurdity inherent in DADT.

The Weekly reports that although President Obama repealed DADT on December 22, 2010, the change won’t be affective for months: “the new law requires that the president, the secretary of Defense and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff certify that the new regulations are consistent with standards of military readiness, effectiveness, unit cohesion, and recruiting and retention”.

Here, the truth of one’s identity is a major blow to the generals. It sounds awfully complex that simple truth in the military affects the very fabric of the institution. Again, this aspect of truth in Government goes to the heart of why Bradley Manning is subject to punishment and inhumane treatment in solitary confinement in a U.S. brig without a trial. Manning gets it both ways. For him the U.S. military must be a just a uniform code of lying. Perhaps if Obama’s new Can Ask, Can Tell principle is applied to other right to know matters, Manning will be free.


Bonding with Uniformity

John Rauschkolb by Michael Daly December 07, 2010

My recent postings have a common thread. They are art assignments of military people in uniform. This is my drawing of John Rauschkolb in his whites. Earlier I published my poster art of Bradley Manning in uniform. My next post will feature two military wedding artworks I did last week: -a fun news story illustration of a gay military couple in uniform and a traditional drawing of a wedding couple, the groom in uniform. This small art collection with theme was not designed but came together naturally.

I had the opportunity of drawing Rauschkolb’s portrait while he was in Honolulu attending the 69th anniversary of Pearl Harbor on December 07. This kind gentleman is 90 years old and a survivor of the 1941 Pearl Harbor. His loving niece, Robin Lamar commissioned the portrait. I also did a pastel drawing of her in colour.

As an artist/writer I’ve become interested in important matters about the uniform.

Uniforms and symbols have a significance of spirit that engender mass culture. This is no small thing. It can be the difference between respect, understanding, survival – and repressive crackdowns, violence, division and evolutionary breakdown.

I recall being outraged in the 90s when local police on Kaua`i island would make presentations at my daughters’ elementry school in Hanalei; they were wearing guns which generally ended up being an ogling feature of class attention. On complaint, I was told the gun was a “part of the uniform” and could not be left behind. It’s violations of the U.S. Uniform Code of Military Justice that the prosecutor is charging Bradley Manning with for allegedly disclosing classified documents to WikikLeaks.

Last week I was painting an illustration of a gay military wedding couple for the cover of Honolulu Weekly, February 23, 2011. I noticed I was making the camouflage shirt of the lesbian bride look like one those cute nursery uniforms. Something of a contrast in the military that would delight me.  No one would believe a cruel national dictator could amass a military arm with uniformed troops parading designs associated with love and care. Don’t underestimate the power of love and care. Here is an idea in support of giving peace a chance. Consider military uniform designs of hostility as being obscene to humanity, make treaties to abolish them everywhere and see our goals of global security advance. This is a new order of military conversion. And a way of retention, recruitment and so on for our global forces facing environmental threats. Like any fashion statement, the change will place traditional uniforms in their historic context (not a chapter to be proud of).

It has been gratifying for me to be able to represent with honour the faces of folk in uniform. In the cases of my local drawings I have come into good contact with service people who I don’t usually meet. I make sure to let my military subjects know I am a pacifist and that I believe most military personnel are victims of a deceitful and failed system. They may not agree or fully agree, but so far they respect my views; few can counter that institutions of weapons and war are rife with terrible human and economic waste.

Here I’d like to note that protection racquets such as false flags, where fear is purposefully manufactured, are an old evolutionary game of sexual prowess and control.

Martin Luther King Parade, Honolulu 2011. Arthur Defries, Michael Daly, Brihadi with Bradley Manning poster

Since my most informative college days in Melbourne their has been a definite gulf of isolation between people in uniform and myself. While being an art student I attended many street protests against U.S. and Australian military involvement in Vietnam. There were violent clashes with police . But now, after almost forty years, I see something of fundamental reconciliation happening. Keen jerk reaction to protesters is replaced with thoughts of something is “wrong, terribly wrong”.

When I was voluntarily painting my poster of Manning in his uniform I couldn’t help but notice how unusual -and refreshing!- it was to be directing my prized talent in the support of a military guy.  I immediately displayed this art poster publicly on the sidewalk of Waikiki and felt a long waited satisfying sense of inclusion with society. I offered the image to Manning’s support team. I used it to create a web animated art statement, and I proudly held the original high in the Martin Luther King Day Parade through Kalakaua Avenue with a team of Revolution Books and World Can’t Wait marchers.

The relationship between activists (often progressive, free-thinkers, artists, definitely outsiders) and enforcement (usually ruled, authoritarian, paid and socially embraced) has changed in the past weeks. We witness across-the-spectrum Egyptian revolutionists of huge numbers seemingly protected by the Army and definitely not provoked or attacked by them. This mostly peaceful revolution on the street is not what I’ve experienced in dealing with uniforms at large protest turnouts.

Also, today in Wisconsin, USA, the public service unions including police and firefighters (not even directly attacked by state union-busting) stand as one with long time activists and voices for truth in government, equal rights and democracy.

On February 25, 2011 with the backdrop of protest inside the state building, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! interviewed Mahlon Mitchell, president of the Wisconsin Professional Firefighters Association. The interview reflects a spirit of solidarity today between the uniform and tie-dye forces.

There is a letter from former Marine Corps captain, David MacMichael written to General James Amos, Pentagon Commandant of the Marine Corps posted at Manning’s website. MacMichael supports Manning. I now have another uniform I can admire!  With enthusiasm I write my appreciation in the blog’s comment section.

MacMichael refers to Manning’s unusual detention at Quantico, a Marine Corps installation, since Manning is Army enlisted.  He notes constitutional issues of long term detention without a court-martial and says: “I seriously doubt that the conditions of his confinement – solitary confinement, sleep interruption, denial of all but minimal physical exercise, etc. – are necessary, customary, or in accordance with law, US or international”.

MacMichael once commanded the headquarters company at Quantico where Manning is jailed. He himself was a “whistleblower” in the Iran-contra affair in the 1980s. He says: “At that time, I wondered why Lt. Col. Oliver North, who very clearly violated the UCMJ—and, in my opinion, disgraced our service—was not court-martialed”.

I’m asking why, if MacMichael received a salute for his duty as a public informant in the 80s why then is Manning being woefully singled out now?  Further, its strange that military justice is a different animal to civilian justice and diplomatic justice is different again.

Martin Luther King said Justice denied anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Justice is a universal concept of equal application so it must apply to humanity equally. Their is no justification for different law books. And, even as it is, under the Uniform Code of Military Justice Manning must have his rights restored immediately and a fair trial without delay to establish if any corrective action is required.

We can bond with such uniformity.


Bradley Manning – Poke the White House

Bradley Manning Poster, Truth Is, by Michael Daly Artist

"Truth Is.." poster image. This is one frame of an animated art piece by artist Michael Daly in support of truth in government and Bradley Manning

Original Flash art

This is an URGENT Appeal:

I want people to support Bradley Manning and phone the White House on Thursday February 3, 2011. We asked President Bush to define torture, now ask President Obama to stop the torture of Bradley Manning immediately or outline his definition of torture.

National White House Call-in Day to Support Bradley Manning, Thurs February 3

Whatever you consider to be your most important cause in bringing forward a defined need for correction by government, a need for some justice or the need for sustainability the case of Bradley Manning is of primary concern for you.

Wherever obvious injustice, corruption, unlawful occupations, private corporate bulldozing and resource degradation is found (fed and entrenched sometimes over a century, such as Hawaiian occupation) the over-riding and core cause of injustice is the lack of truth and transparency in Government.

The apparent handover of classified information by U.S. Private First Class Bradley Manning to WikiLeaks internet journal made public the severity of a global culture of undemocratic process – which costs lives and incurs gross suffering throughout ground zero; planet Earth.

Q: If truth were immediately declassified, if governments were open and honest, how would my favourite cause be affected?
A: Unimaginably positive I believe, and for all the struggle and nonsense activists are confronted with, perhaps truth in Government would resolve many conflicts like a knife passing through soft butter.

But for harmless truth, Bradley Manning is now compounded in a U.S. military prison in Quantico, Virginia.  He is punished now for the eighth consecutive month by isolation and slow inhumane torture. Bradley has not been tried or convicted with anything.

We need to remind ourselves: the WikiLeak’s U.S. war and diplomatic evidence released is not so overwhelming for us to become blinded and nullified, but rather show the need to be centered, assured, outraged and bright. Comfortable people might consider that yes, the world is unfair and that living with bullies is a given, that they will have their day of justice in another life or something. But being how the dots on our local and universal matrix are linked, and now knowing the magnitude of government failure, like an unbelievably huge disaster, the need for change is absolutely paramount for survival. The authorities lie about everything including Climate Change putting a huge array of life at risk.

Support Bradley Manning until ONE: he is freed of jail, and TWO: if indeed he is the whistle, then support his highest regard in the U.S.A. and throughout humanity.

Thankfully the Egyptian youth and people get it!  Take note, they have dropped the daily treadmill of supporting despots and they are on THE STREET as I post this on the Day of the Million Man March.

Government movers and shakers the world over, especially U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton must be sharply awoken in the last few days of the Egyptian revolution; that The People always have the organic power and the means of CHANGE – when the people in the west choose to turn off Murdock media and meet on the street and the village square it defies and puts military expense in the waste basket.

The U.S. Government, Wall Street, and the global system is not too big too fail, it is too big to continue and ignore.

Hopefully the dots are joining for people. Now is the time to support Egyptians and billions of Earth’s citizens suffering under repressive local rule and Globalization – something for which imperial U.S.A. and war profiteers have developed through lies and cover-ups, as if the people are non-participants in their crazy notion of democracy.

Phone the White House and give the Administration that unsettling wake up call that President Mubarak is experiencing today as he hides so low.

Michael Daly

The Whitehouse needs a poke on Thursday:
Phone White House Switchboard: 9am to 5pm EST: Phone 202-456-1414
After hours: the White House comments line: Phone 202-456-1111


New Year`s Post Card II

Turtle at Waikiki illustration by Michael Daly, ArtistThis chap was swimming around with me out there in the fresh waters of Waikiki. I was taken by the arrival of Mr. Fat the Monk Seal on New Year’s Day. That was most unusual. So to meet Mr Sea Turtle in virtually the same location around the same time was a heartening delight.


New Year’s Postcard from Waikiki – Free Speech 2011

Happy New Year Postcard shows Diamond Head and a Monk Seal on Waikiki Beach

This Monk Seal was on the beach in Waikiki with tourists on January 01. This may be a good omen for endangered spices for 2011. The sign says: "I am a Hawaiian Monk Seal. I am totally fine. I am just relaxing and getting some sun!"

Dear Friends,

I wish you a Happy New Year and ask that you support free speech and independent artists in 2011. I want to outline the importance of free speech in this message and affirm that that resource is the basic universe of interchange for artists and indeed everyone – conversation, communication, intimacy and sanity.

The main issue that faces me at the start of this year is not a national one. It is not Hawaiian independence (which represents a shift for me in twenty years). It isn’t even one or all humanitarian or environmental issue/s. I don’t intend to diminish the monumental concerns and my continued support of all these important challenges, but rather, the main issue as I see it, goes to the root cause of these problems. It addresses a paralyzing cause for lack of smart growth and development on a global human scale, why we are stuck in a cave man mentality when an evolutionary surge is needed for survival, and why “Change you can believe in” turns out to be “Same you can deceive in“.

The main issue of 2011 is to assert the supremacy of truth at the expense of violence, racism and short lived embarrassment, amongst other things.

I believe a community can advance truth through free speech and equal access to independent publishing/cablecasting and self publishing such as the internet. As critical as I am of the USA, I am in awe of the US First Amendment establishing free speech. I am in awe of Public Access Media Centers throughout the United States. This makes the USA great in my book. But despite universal rights to the inalienable resources of free speech (not exclusive to USA) these rights are inexplicably being eroded. And people’s lives are being snuffed out in permanent wars or at risk in jails because of bad decisions culminated in reaction to the September 11 tragedies. And all the while the disparity between the numbered rich and the mass poor grows.

The strangle hold of free flowing information together with “official” covert government communications enables apocalyptic global directives by over powerful and non-authorized people and organizations. The contraction of free communication has a direct correlation to global and biological destruction, made even sadder when you believe that otherwise, our capacity to reach unimaginable accomplishments here on Earth is deliberately suffocated. We haven’t even tried true government. It’s blocked by a smaller narrower paranoid mind. Children by now, the world over should be in a bright place with a bright future. But none are – not even those born into high wealth.

Free speech exercises and opens up one’s mind. It declares dignity of self in the well being of others and keeps the spirit, mind and body wholesome.

Truth is a kind of nakedness that we must not be ashamed of. And now let me use the analogy in an opposite kind of way. Just as the global custom of wearing clothes has become adopted and even made revolutionary the world over through deliberate human intervention, so too truth can become such a normality – and exemplified by transparent authorities. When truth reaches a certain threshold, a lie will not be publicly accepted and be easily identified as the naked one. When truth has momentum of this sort, prejudice and ignorance dissolve into a slipstream of accepted acceleration and cultural and engineering models designed for fluid sustainable change.

At the risk of being religious, a matter which would immediately separate my thoughtfulness from the state, I say that free speech is the Holy Grail of any constitution. Free speech may be mostly bulk, shity and smelly sometimes, but nevertheless it constitutes the fertilized soil that grows the tree of truth, provides a strong future of non-armed security and, with urgency, evolutionary continuance.

I am concerned for Bradley Manning and Julian Assange as this goes to blog. Locally, I feel attacked as my income is relegated to street handouts and even there, my position as a portrait artist may end in the coming months because the city plans to close the Waikiki sidewalk off to performers and free voices.

A government impairing Public Forum, impairing student curriculum, conspiring with big media and big business, advancing secrecy and non-neutrality of the people’s communications property such as the internet – a government that professes and promises transparency but does anything but, and incarcerates people without charge – this is a government not worth entertaining.

The way, the truth, the life. Maybe separation of church and state should be replaced with fair-inclusion of all faiths.

As an artist I want to work for free speech in 2011 yet I say: this won’t be effective without people’s support. Just hearing me out is one way, you can make a donation to The Lovelink Project or commission or buy an artwork of mine by contacting me through my website:

With aloha

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